Heart Space

And so I will place my hand here,
On my chest,
I will feel my beat.
I will feel the space.
I will speak sweetly to my heart,
I will tell her it is better to know than to pretend.
Even if the knowing brings the aches.
I will create a shield of discernment for my heart,
Strong but fragile and carried in my own hands first so that I know what she likes.
And as I listen to the pulse beneath my hand I know what she craves.
Sensual, kind, interactions.
I assure her, it is safe to stay open and it is her right.
Hearts close too swiftly these days and words are said from fear and pain.
My heart would rather be alive than broken.
Sealed with light,
– Cassie Jeans

My heart would rather be alive than broken – always. What does it mean to be alive? What does the pulse underneath the cavern of our chest symbolize? Why do we say things like, write your heart out? When our heart aches we feel it. As women, we are told to protect our bodies, to cover up, to make sure we aren’t being suggestive with our clothes because our bodies must be shielded from men? Predators?

But what of our hearts? What would happen if we taught women about the strength and fragility of what lies within her body? The current of her electricity, the beat, the drum as a part of her expanse. A woman’s heart must be known to her first. No one is required to understand what our heart craves if we are still trying to figure it out. In fact, this can be a dangerous game to play. Placing our heart in someone else’s hands before we understand the rhythm of this feeling-organ opens us up to giving our responsibility and power to another who cannot cherish the gift that this is.

More importantly than the body, is a woman’s heart.

The only reason we close off our heart is because of fear. Fear that we can’t trust ourselves, fear that we can’t trust others, fear that keeping our heart open may mean we no longer reflect what we thought we could reflect in order to stay safe. When we know what our heart loves, we know what we say yes to and what we say no to. When our heart is thrown out like a net seeing what it can trap it will bring in great experiences and experiences that bring us to our knees in pain. When we cast our heart out knowing what we have attached to the line, knowing what we draw into ourselves because we know what we are craving and securely longing for, we will only receive and attract what is aligned. 

That is the power of discernment and that my luv, comes with time and dedication. Time spent on learning the nuances of your heartbeat. Dedication towards the journey of your sovereign awakening. Do not rush this. Do not cast out the net if you are not clear on what you want to draw into yourself. Keep your heart open and use a shield of discernment as you cast out the line. 

A few questions you can ask yourself to guide you as you learn to connect with your heart are.

  1. Am I clear on what my heart (soul desire) is craving?
  2. Have I given myself time to connect to my heart whisperings? Do I recognize the sound of my soul?
  3. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), how much trust do I have in myself to protect my heart?
  4. What do I know I have to be more discerning about when it comes to opening and sharing my heart?

Write these out and answer them. Ask a trusted friend who is kind and soulfully understands you if any of the questions feel foggy. It is so important to know this about yourself and sometimes, the answers that come back aren’t super pretty but they’re real and honest and can steer us towards the most beautiful gift of self-love. Being in sync with your heart and exercising your right to self-worth will open up the doors for open heart experiences that fuel you instead of close you off to the beauty of love.

Writing is incredible for opening up your heart and learning how to listen to the soul whispers. Writing Coaching can help with this especially when there is an intuitive element to the sessions. Last week I had two conversations with clients that really stood out because of how powerful and eye-opening they were for my client. My style of coaching isn’t only for women who want to write a book. Writing Coaching with me is about connecting your voice, the one that wants to speak but is blocked because there is too much going on in the mind. One call can open up a world of words within you. To begin working with me and experiencing your own intense life transformation send me a message to and fill me in on what’s happening in your life and why you want to speak your mind and express your words with your heart. 


Believe in the Rhythm of Your Soul

And just like that, she didn’t need to be seen.
She didn’t need the acknowledgment,
The looks, likes or loves.
She felt within herself the truth that her time had come.
She was energy and like the flowers she passed on her daily walks,
She blossomed whether anyone cared or not.
She blossomed because she could,
And she was beautiful like all the flowers that had gone before her.
Adding to the whole of creation and dancing under the sun.
Sealed with love,
By: Cassie Jeans

I want to write about soul. I want to write about truth. I want to unravel, dismantle all the false ways we live our lives. I want us to play with our shadows and resist the urge to shrink, downsize our life, play at a fraction of our ability. I want us to remember what we are connected to so we never forget our birthright. 

Come home. Please. If you have been wandering out there in the world for too long and you long for a place of solace, come home. The place you seek is already inside of you. The cocoon of shelter you long for is a deep breath away. Question the systems around you and choose the ones you want to participate in. What someone else does is not what you have to do. When was the last time you asked yourself, “What do I want?”

Can you answer that question from the voice of recognition? The voice that echoes in the caverns of your soul? Have you given yourself the freedom and the liberty to explore without restriction? Come home. When the world aches around you and within you, where do you go? 

There are angels and lightworkers, preachers and monks, teachers and wise seekers and all of us/you/them have an offering for you. Every day we are being offered the opportunity to be a part of the miracle of life. Every day we are given the chance to change and start walking towards the desires of our heart. Why wouldn’t today be the perfect day to dive into your soul?

I implore you. I feel you. I hear you. Even when life is feeling chaotic and fractured, you carry within you the sanctity of home. When will you rest long enough to feel the earth beneath your feet and ground yourself into what you know?

And with this message, I ask that you seal your worries and speak to them from your heart. I ask that the emotions that want to frantically explode out of you be guided by your soul and you learn the art of communicating from within the expanse of the wisdom within you. Surrender beautiful child. Adorn yourself with light and understand your shadows. Nothing is denied to you, now is the time to rise.




Keeping you in the loop about what is happening in my small corner of the world.

The Life Intentionally Summit is happening this September and I would love to meet those who feel the call to do something more with the short time they have on the planet. Tap into something bigger than yourself and come to listen to me and other women speak live at the Life Intentionally Summit. 

In the Bedroom w/Cassie Jeans – words that awaken the soul podcast is on its 10th episode and I am in awe of the beauty of what is pouring out from this interaction with the Divine. Listen to the latest episode here.

Ireland – a land I know I have been to because I can feel her soil even though physically I have not been graced to walk her land yet. I am planning a writing retreat for the New Year and I am putting this on your radar with two intentions. One – I would love to hear from you if you are planning to attend. Two – if you are planning to attend I would love to know what you would love to do with the time there. I have oodles of ideas but what you are craving is important for me to know as well. Email me at with the subject: Ireland – fill me in on the details of what you would love to dive into.

Oh! And I am writing a solo book, feeling that it will have similar vibes to this blog and I have come across a tool that I adore that is helping me put together a book plan (like a business plan but for books). Publishers, literary agents are requiring people to do this now. If you are serious about writing a book and you want to receive an advancement to write it I am HIGHLY recommending this book plan. You can learn more about it here – Big Beautiful Book Plan.

So much love for you dreamers. Thank you for spending time with me here. xo.

Be Heard

It is important to be heard,
It is important to let your voice clash and resound and expand from within your cells.
It is important to speak as if thunder were coming from your very vocal chords.
Be heard.

This phrase washes over you because for too long silence was your refuge,
Stifling your insides from growing but this kept you alive and safe until…now.

Until now in this very moment, you feel the chords loosen.
You hear the words in your head bubble up, you feel your senses wrap themselves around your words and this time, there is a command in the tone of your voice.

This time, the quiver is replaced with a calm assurance from within.
This time, the wildness within you is leading, this time, intuition Herself is speaking.
This time, the words flow.

Take delight in this expanse dear one.
Beloved, you are home.

Sealed with light,

I have had many conversations with women about this topic and so many of us refer to this as ‘coming home to oneself.’ This feeling is one of the sweetest ones we can experience because on many levels it means we have made peace with who we are. The fight to fit into something has gone and instead of the internal struggle of feeling voiceless, we start to recognize our own power.

We see that so much of what we were holding onto for fear of being seen will ultimately be the very thing that frees us from the walls of protection we formed around our gifts, our voice, our sensuality, our bodies, our desires, our dreams, our sovereignty.

Whatever the gifts are that dwell within us is something we can trust wholeheartedly. No matter what was ever spoken into our lives, we have full permission to step boldly towards the longing of our hearts, towards the passion for living that brings us out of despair and into light. This coming home is rooted in intuition.

The feeling that something is off isn’t an accident. The feeling of mundane living is like a cautionary flag placed out in bodies of water to let swimmers know about what is happening with the tide. Trying to swim over shallow water can leave you bumped and bruised, bleeding, and scarred. Why continue to succumb to this environment? What is the benefit? The benefit is often familiarity and fear. Fear to swim somewhere new, fear of letting go of the story that tells us to stay small. It is easy to talk ourselves out of trying something new and unfamiliar. Really question the environment that surrounds you right now. Challenge the truth of what you are currently living in. Does it line up with your soul?

As we enter into our own full and divine expression there is an automatic ripple effect that rises in others. Sometimes, this ripple creates love and longing in another person to also begin to participate fully in their own life, their own gifts. Other times this effect creates jealousy and bitterness, the desire to rise is there but mixed with it is the disbelief that it is possible and so, instead of support sometimes the reaction comes from that person’s connection to their self-worth. Both though are blessed. Both create space for choice and if the ripples you are creating are presenting a choice to another this is a good thing no matter the way it is being expressed in someone else’s life.

Be heard. What do you long to say? To stand for? What would it feel like to fully express yourself? 

You are love(d).

Beginning August 1 I will be working closely with a client and will be her inline/intuitive editor. We have monthly 1:1 calls set for the next 5 months and a goal to finish a 30,000-word book by December.

It took five minutes to figure out a daily system that would allow her to continue her full-time work, take time for important self-care/healing, and still meet her deadlines.

Instead of saying “I want to write a book,” and then going it alone she chose to bring me into her realm of genius and allow me to share my intuitive editing gifts.

A book is not a solo project. It takes a lot of eyes, people who are in your corner and at the same time people who are willing to say when something works and when it just flat out doesn’t.

I love editing. I’m freaky good at it and I am continuing to dig deep into what publishers want, how to put together book proposals, and what can be done while you are writing that showcases you as an author people want to follow.

I’m not afraid to say it like it is and also, hold space for the courage it takes to share stories that are often vulnerable pieces of people’s lives.

Currently, I can take in 3 writers at a time for this service. If you want to have a mentor/intuitive editor/passionate leader holding space and guiding the writing process for you intimately let me know. There are only two spots available to start with me in August.

Send me a message here and we can connect on a call. You are loved and infinitely supported.  #spiritualediting


Check In With Your Vision

I have to create it,
I can’t fit into someone else’s creation.
Only through the process of creating can I feel my way through the system.
What does this mean?

Boredom, the dreaded word that is often scoffed at by the highly productive but this emotion, is gold.

It is a clear indication that something is seriously out of alignment.

What are you not getting your hands into?
What part of your life are you not fully participating in?
What do you long to bring into this world? Your works, your place, your sphere.

I can’t fit into something, I have to become it.
The only way for me to do this is to embody and create it.
I have to feel my hands and my heart as united within it, never at a distance, never from the outside.

If I’m doing it, my whole heart is in it or nothing at all.

A reminder to check in with yourself and be THE VISION.

Sealed with Light,




What do you do with boredom? Watch TV? Self-judge? Force yourself to do something productive? Complain? Pretend it’s normal, everyone feels this way right? Yes, and no. Everyone does feel boredom yes but I believe there is more to it than that. I believe boredom is one of the most exciting emotions we can experience because it is an opportunity to question what you are doing and where you are at.

I get it, out of the desire for security and certainty we can agree to do things with our time that we genuinely don’t want to do. We are told this is normal, this is part of living and ‘makin’ money.’ Some of us can do this for a long period of time. Waiting for the right opportunity to leave a job, to start the start-up, to write the book, to kiss the girl, to live the life our soul is aching for us to live into. The problem with the wait is it can eat up your ambition. It can suffocate your creativity. It can leave you hollow and broken, numb and filled with regret. This is what happens when we do not explore boredom and give it the attention it deserves. 

So what can you do with boredom in that case? What is it trying to teach you? 

When boredom speaks, listen up.

It isn’t a fluke that you are finding yourself in a life you don’t actually want to participate in fully. Everything up to this point has been a choice and the sooner you can accept that the more freedom will enter into your life. Once you can vibe with this truth than the floodgates of questions can start pouring in.

  1. Is my use of time fulfilling my soul?
  2. When I wake up in the morning, am I drawn into my day as opposed to avoiding my day?
  3. Do I feel a part of my life or am I an outsider on auto-pilot?
  4. If I was lying on my death bed, feeling my body swell and my mind drifting in and out of consciousness what am I angry about that I did not experience?
  5. Why am I putting up with something that brings me little joy?

What would happen if you rose above the limitations of society and explored the full divinity of your imagination and aligned yourself with daily action that fuelled your heart and soul and moved you towards the work that actually burns inside of you? Can you live that passionately? Are you allowed? Only you can decide to be the leader of your life. Only you have the power to embody your message. Only you are allowed to say no, I’m not doing this anymore.

I have to feel what I’m doing to be able to do it. I have to believe in it. Life is too short to put up with the bullshit. I would rather dance under the starlight and the moon feeling my feet drum on the earth and listen to the howling of the wildness within.

Dedicated to my wild women.

I wanted to let you know that I have expanded my services and I am offering Inline (intuitive) editing and book coaching.

I’m tired of hearing about all the fabulous books people want to write but never do. I incorporate my kick-ass coaching style into my book coaching and also help you formulate your thoughts and vision for your book.

Inline Editing is another one of my gifts. I can look at what you’ve written and make it better, take it deeper, and together, we can create something that is valuable to publishers. 

For information on hiring me for either of these services click here.  

And Just Like That

And just like that, she changed.
It was as if she had discovered a new world to live in but physically, she never moved.

She changed her I N S I D E S .

Her heart no longer felt constricted.
Her mind no longer bought into the torment.
Her soul, the compass of her life, was no longer silenced.
She was as wild as the wind and the rivers.
She was warm, like earth when it has been touched by the sun.
She softened into her inner strength and wisdom.
She stopped resisting herself, her calling, her wild.
She became what she had been looking for and discovered…

…she was absolutely divine.

Sealed with light,




It seems change is on the horizon. This is the second time my blog has been about change, though this time, the leap has been taken. Beautiful people, the change you seek for your life begins from within. It bubbles in the heart and eventually, as you allow the bubbling to grow, it permeates the mind. The heart and soul know, the mind needs convincing. That will always be the hardest part. Asking your mind to be still and allowing your soul to lead the way.

That is why meditation or prayer can be so vital for one’s soul journey and fulfillment of dreams and desires. It slows the limitation and fear of the mind long enough for the voice within you to speak. And speak she will. She has a lot to say, the wisdom within.

Like the sweetest interaction possible, there is an infinite reservoir of ideas, inspiration, art, words, prose, shapes, drawings, languages, just waiting to come through. And guess what? They want to come through you! That is the exciting part.

The changing of the insides is pure freedom. We carry habits with us that don’t serve us at all. When we can recognize that so much of our life is just a series of habits we have the power to stop this form of madness and choose a more aligned way to live life. What habitual thoughts do you continue to participate in? How much power are you giving these thoughts? What would it feel like if you questioned these thoughts and from the perspective of, “I am living this life,” what would you change about these thoughts? 

The design of anything in life begins on the inside.

What are your insides craving for you?


Remember to use the resources I have here for you. There are calls you can book in with me if you are ready to transform your life and connect to your soul purpose(s), it’s never just one, how boring would that be? Book your soul chat with me here.

Also, my podcast, it’s amazing. I love it and I want you to listen to it. It’s available everywhere! 
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Love always,



Photo by: Sara Tanner


Willing to Change Course

I do believe we must explore passion in a way that terrifies us. A good scare, the scare that reminds us we have air in our lungs and we might as well do something with the breaths we’ve been given.

We must be willing to come to a crashing halt on what we will no longer tolerate and we must, we must be willing to change course.

To change direction takes a great deal of courage.
To sit with the thoughts of what could have been is worse though.

Sit still today. And in that stillness ask for courage, strength, perseverance, determination, patience, and a never-ending supply of imagination.

This is the fuel that we have access to.
This is the call of the creative and the Wild.

To live every breath as if it were a song and celebration.

Sealed with light,
By: Cassie Jeans

Let that fire settle into the heart and the soul. There is a reason why there has to be a sense of urgency and patience in everything we do. An urgency to propel us forward, patience to see it through. Last night on my podcast, In the Bedroom, I talked about vision and remembrance. To know that something is truly possible and can be created from your hands, your lips, your mind, your words, your eyes, your body. 

If you think of the way we are designed it is one of the most beautiful realizations to recognize that within yourself, there is a set of creative tools. Our literal bodies are designed to express our soul through the medium that we choose. Meaning, the human experience is to create and innovate and to explore all that is within and all that is outside of our body/mind/heart/soul.

Is that not the most exciting thing ever? To see yourself as part of creation and not just something that was created? To see yourself as an element of the great design and in your very presence, you reflect out into the world what you believe is possible. We are all walking testimonies of our beliefs. And that one may sting a little if right now there is a feeling that, “I’m not living up to something…this isn’t going right…why does this keep happening…will I ever get there?” 

Check in with your beliefs. This is something I have to do time and time again. My son is a great reminder and nudges me beyond my limitations because of the way he dreams. When he shares with me what he wants to create I must hold the space for infinite belief in all that is possible. This is a sacred gift he is giving me, his desires are no joke and it is important that as parents, teachers, caregivers, grandparents, we do not project our limitations upon them. Even if we think it protects them, it does not. It only stifles what they innately know is possible and this may be the very reason why the phrase, we are all walking testimonies of our beliefs, stings. At some point, someone, something, an experience taught you to go against what you knew was innately possible and ever since then, maybe you have been trying to adapt into someone that isn’t really your truth?

Give yourself permission to express your truth. I am sure there is a soul nudge happening in your life right now.  As it says above:

Sit still today. And in that stillness ask for courage, strength, perseverance, determination, patience, and a never-ending supply of imagination.

You are love(d).

Sealed with light,




Fresh podcast is up on all your favourite listening platforms. It’s another late night ramble brimming with passion, fire, and love. Give it a listen now, In the Bedroom w/ Cassie Jeans – words that awaken the soul.

I have been asked by a few people if I still do coaching or if I would do a call with them while they are navigating their way through some blocked emotions. If you are seeking some sort of solace for the soul I offer soul chats that can be booked directly here – Soul Chats.

Thank you for sharing the space here. xoxo

She Chose to be the Muse

And so she became the muse.
She started to decorate her life with all the elements of joy.
She was not blind to the sorrow, the pain, the ache in the world.
She chose to be light.
She chose to understand shadow.
She chose to create the world she desired to live in within her,
and from here, she poured out.
She chose to see her life differently.
She chose to remember all the gifts she had been blessed with.
She chose to run towards the life she craved,
Instead of the shame, or guilt, or the lack that had once held her back.
She chose to believe in the whispers of her soul,
And remember the words that were promised to her long ago.
She chose to dance with magic again,
She chose to open her hands to healing again,
She chose to open her mouth to speak again,
She chose to liberate her body, her mind, heart, and soul.
She chose herself as the muse,
Exquisitely created.
The nectar of earth.
A potent delight.
A powerful current of change.
Stepping daily into her-becoming.
Sealed with light,
By: Cassie Jeans

I feel as if something significant is shifting within me. Like I am about to come crashing unto the shore with only my naked body to wash upon the sand with. I feel like I am being asked to create more, to care less (not about loving the world), more so about what anyone might conjure to think. I feel as if I am being asked to dive deeper, to go into, to surrender and to make a stand for what I alone can do.

I feel it is time to embrace my entire essence and also, to remember to be giddy and human, and laugh a lot. 

It is time to usher in the saints to guide me. To ask for holy love to whisper to me. To remember the name in my name, Magdalena, a sisterhood of connection and infinite wisdom. And all within these meanderings I hear in my voice so strongly, “Cassie, it’s time to just not give a fuck.”

This message is for me, and it is also for you. The energy of healing is running swiftly through our world, no wonder there are so many wounds. Remember this, the circle, the loop, the threading. We come around time and time again, facing the same hurdles, the same obstacles. This life is as much individual as it is a part of the entirety of the Universe.

Remember, you were born with all your giftings. Don’t let your environment dictate what you know in your heart. This isn’t a time for silence unless it is for reflection and to tune into the Soul. This is a time to speak, to be heard, and to speak again even if no one is listening. They will, we will. Feel free to fumble your way through this part. Learning to trust your intuition again is a practice and one that never seeks perfection. Remember this, you are not alone.

And so it is.






I have a surprise for you. You are one of the first readers to have this link. I have been recording my podcast, it isn’t polished but it is raw and real, and beautiful. It is called, In the Bedroom with Cassie Jeans, words that awaken the soul. Give it a listen, share it with your friends if it resonates, I am planning for this to do exactly what it is created to do.


(Photography for this post by: Sara Tanner)

Wild Woman

You can’t tame her.
If you’re lucky,
You’ll catch a glimpse of her fire.
If you know how to ride the inevitable waves that will come crashing all around you just by spending time with her you are in for a wild ride.

She is part of the breath of the great design of creation.
She is the wind that prickles the hair on your arms.
She is the wild you hear at night.
She is the restless desire of your heart and soul.
She is the current of awakening that longs to rise.
She is a fury of consciousness and limits mean nothing to her.

Watch as the world catches fire all around her.
Watch as the refining begins when the chains of disbelief are broken.

She is a mighty force of light and dark.
An intricate web of intuition and instinct.
Wild Women,
It’s time to howl.

Sealed with fire,
By: Cassie Jeans

Inspired by the next book that I will be leading about the Wild Feminine. The mix of intuition and instinct is something I am still exploring. I would say it is a feeling of coming home to something ancient. Something that as women, we have always had but it’s been chipped away at. It’s been proven unworthy by years of being in a submissive, second place role and as we continue to rise up with respect for our own sex, we teach one another how we want to be treated as well as the men who are open to understanding the desire of, wild woman. 

Even as I write, I know I don’t have a pulse on this completely but I don’t have to know, I give myself permission to feel my way through this. (this is intuition and instinct)

I think of a woman’s body…it is so beautiful. So many trails to follow, so much flow and rhythm she has in her walk alone. For too long women have been shamed for their sensuality yet, this sensuality is a gift we have been given for being born a woman and one we must honour yes, and also play with. 

There is a heat to this poem, a passion, a mystery, even a current of power and boundary. There is also an urgency to wake up to this archetype that is within every woman. She is a woman that requires her partner to run alongside her not to outrun her, but to challenge her in a soulful, penetrating way. To know when to let her loose and when to stay in stride. The more I understand this nature and learn about our history as women who were, burned alive for being healers (also deemed witches), drowned, silenced, belittled (for having a mind of our own), seen as weak, shamed for our sex, categorized into roles, stripped of our right to choose how we birth, adopting a masculine energy in work environments, some of us never even learning about our periods and the sacredness of our cycle, and the list goes on. All of us, experiencing this invocation away from what we naturally want to draw towards. This is not to blame anyone or anything, all will be at peace one day.

I write this because the words that pour out of me deeply resonate with women in an awakening way. I don’t know the entire reason why this call to the wild is so strong within me but I do know, I am not the only one who feels this. It is as if a mighty siren is going off in our hearts and our souls and we are running together now, instead of running apart. 

There is shelter in the remembrance of our souls.

A book I would recommend to read if you are curious to delve deeper into wild woman and how it may be calling you is, Women Who Run with the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. It is my favourite book. It is one that helped me understand my rhythm, my current, my sovereignty, my flow. I adore this book.

Lots of love,




My first lead book is available for preorder, Her Art of Surrender. Use promo code CASSIE20 to receive 20% your order. Applies to ALL books in the shop.

Would you like to be in my next book? Fill out the FORM, to apply. xo.

Be Curious

Be curious about who you are. 
Be curious about what you want to do in the world.
Be curious about the legacy you want to leave behind.
Be curious about how you want others to talk about you. 
Be curious about your words and what others will read.
Be curious about what it means for you to be alive.
Be curious about your noise. 
Be curious about where your voice will take you. 
Be curious about what this life is going to be like. 
And then live your life from there. 🔥

Sealed with passion,
By: Cassie Jeans

Straight from my IG account @cassie_mjeans. I had the privilege of doing a live Q&A with Sarah Swain, founder of Life Intentionally movement and we had a blast. As we were speaking this poetic rift came out of me when she asked the epic question, “What do you want to leave our listeners with today? What is the one piece of advice/encouragement you would give them?” And before she finished the question I knew what was coming out of me.

The statement, Be Curious, has been my secret sauce of passion, has created some incredible opportunities, and has allowed me to tap into my highest joy on more than one occasion. Ah! I get so fired up when I watch the thirsty settle for droplets of water from the well that only knows how to overflow with abundance. I mean, there is a vastness to this Universe that leaves scientists in awe of its mystery. Can we actually afford the audacity to believe this is all there is? That there is no kinetic energy happening in every interaction. That when we grace our feet on the grass we walk upon we don’t think there is a direct energy transfer happening in this. That when we’re really listening to another person’s story we are not interacting with the divine healing of love and connection. We are within everything and everything is within us and this, this is not something to fear. This is something to be in awe of. That the same force of life that sparked creation also breathes life into the soul and our soul breathes life into our body, into our hands, into the words that flow out of us. 

 We are not the supreme. We are not the only conscious creatures on our own planet let alone the multiverses. This message comes as a call to feel our way through our day and our lives. Nobody owes us anything, we have been greatly provided for. What do we want to do with our provisions? What is possible for all of humanity when we let our gifts lead us? If at any moment you believe you have nothing to offer that is one of the greatest lies concealed as the perfect reason to never try. I’m sorry, but you deserve far more than that. You deserve to live your life with passion and purpose abandoning all concepts of limitation.

Imagine what would happen if we all got a little more curious.

“I wonder how that person is…*picksupthephone”
“Can you tell me more about that… *5minutehellobecomesagenuineconvo
“Where do you think that leads to… *discoveryofsecrethideout
“If you could create anything, what would you create… *artthatchangestheworld

As you embark on another day, don’t take the passion inside of you for granted. Pick up the pen, buy the paint, sign up for the course, tell the person ‘I love you,’ embrace the magic and believe, that when you begin the journey, the support will flow from all over. All you have to do is start.

Sealed with light,





Photo Credit to – Sara Tanner


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And So…She Settled

And so she settled in.
Not settled down.
Not settled for.
Settled in.
Into the rhythm of her heart.
Into the beat of her drum.
Into the current of her vibrations.
Gently cocooning all that had come.
Tenderly caressing all that was new within her.
All that was healing.
All that was being let go.
She settled into herself.
Fully embodying the ALL of her nature. 🙌🏼

Sealed with light,
By: Cassie Jeans

This is a message. This is one of those downloads that pours right out of me for a variety of reasons. This one, in particular, was inspired by a conversation with Angelica Jill Grace. She is one of the beautiful writers for my next book about the Wild Feminine and as we were talking about her chapter, I could feel my heart expand. 

Want to know where I was sitting during this convo? In the car dealership waiting for my brake pads to be replaced. Swoon right?

A gentle reminder. The place matters little when the company is so divine. (ooh…I’ll be quoting that elsewhere).

What does it feel like to drop into your body? What does it feel like to caress? What does it feel like to see yourself as the sensual being in your life? What would happen if you explored ALL of your being? Your vibrations, your current of electricity, your soulful, wild nature.

There are so many elements of our being that we think we cannot explore based on a projection that someone else has placed on us and that we have adopted as your own. Shatter. Resist normality. Surrender to your impulses. Decide. Choose. Rebel. Explore. 

We have been blessed with incredibly inquisitive minds. Hands that feel, that tantalize. Eyes that take in detail, texture, soul. Breath that serves more than just the purpose of taking in oxygen. I mean, we place our feet on the ground in the morning and if we give ourselves a moment to experience the texture below our feet we would immediately align with the life force within us. The FEELING part of our nature which would ultimately tap us into our own unique rhythm and expression for life.

Seriously, wriggle your feet right now wherever you are and feel the playfulness. What would happen if you paused before doing anything in the morning and literally felt the aliveness of your body? Do not forget about the vessel, it is the carrier of the Soul. When the vessel is blocked or deprived it creates a barrier to communicating with the spirit within. 

This message is about embracing the gift of being alive. Erotically alive. Soulfully alive. Shout in ecstasy alive! This message is about being who you are in all your essence and feeling really amazing about that. Nothing more required, no shows to put on. The full enjoyment of you being with you. 


All that has come has been to teach you.

All that is now is here for your enjoyment.

All that will be is up to you. 


Sending you an abundance of love and light,



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