Soul Ireland Retreat

If the entirety of the heart could find solace and inspiration in one

spot I do believe Ireland is the gem for that type of deep healing,

exploration and fun.

The Intention

Where Are We Going?

Oh my goodness – I have planned the most magical adventure. I didn’t want to do the typical, hop on a plane, get picked up, stay in a hotel, do the tourist stuff, “have a breakthrough,” go home and check off another location on the map.

I want to take your breath away.
I want you to feel the land.
I want the land to heal you.

What would you say if I told you we are going to:

– hop on a plane

– then hop on a smaller plane

– fly over one of the worlds most scenic views

– taxi it to a house

– a house called The Song House

– surrounded by mountains

– 10 minutes from remote beaches

– rustic, chic, traditional vibes

– catered divinely and locally

– quick taxi ride to recommended off-the-path pubs

– scenery, scenery, scenery

– off the coast island explorations

– an experience for the wild, adventurous soul

– a deep dive into your soul

– light language activations as they flow from me to you

– discovering your voice, your writing voice, your poetry voice, your wild, feminine, spirit-nature

– oodles of fun and ridiculousness (I’m fucking weird dudes)

WILD FEM photos – if you haven’t seen these click here.

– a chance to let the stillness in, the quiet, the reflection of all that has happened the past year and to just be

When and Where?

June 1 – 8, 2019

Clonbara, Co. Donegal, Ireland

Who Would Love This Style of Retreat?

This retreat would be amazing for a woman who is craving something wild and adventurous to look forward to in the summer! Something she has never done before, something that pushes her outside of “standard” traveling, something that allows her to be herself completely.

This isn’t a fancy trip or a trip where you have to buy a whole new wardrobe but you may want a kick-ass pair of rubber boots!

The intention is to connect to the earth.
To connect to the rhythm of your soul.
To connect to your entirety and to be nurtured, guided, loved, adored, seen, heard, understood, felt, created, inspired, warm.

I don’t know what will ultimately unfold from this retreat but I do know it will be everything you are craving.
I know it will heal deeply.
I know it will bind you to something new within yourself.
I know if you feel it now, you will feel it even more when you’re hopping on that first plane and making your way to the Soul Ireland Retreat.

The Investment

Everything has been taken care of for you.

– accommodations (this is a rustic home that hosts retreats on a regular basis. Everyone will have a roommate for this retreat)

– food (three meals a day unless we are on an excursion, bring your fav snacks, all dietary needs can be accommodated within the home)

– taxi expenses for excursions, pubs, group outings (the host and I are planning some amazing outings!!)

– WildFem photos

– All of the above-mentioned experiences and soul explorations

Early bird pricing begins now until January 15th, 2019
Early Bird: $2,995 CDN (taxes included)

After January 15th, 2019
Regular Pricing: $3750 CDN (taxes included)

*Flights are additional.
You will be looking for a flight that flies into Dublin and then a flight from Dublin to Donegal. If you like I can connect you with a travel agent for Toronto flights.
**Payment plans available with a $1,500 deposit

Let’s Connect About it First

For real.
We are spending a week together in a place that is remote, accommodating, but a totally new experience!
I will be leading this and guiding the experiences so before we can say yes to this, let’s connect.

I want to know why you want to come and make sure this will best serve you.

Let’s schedule a time to talk about who you are, who I am, and get a little bit cozier then saying yes to a landing page. I want to know your heart and soul a little bit before we embark on this adventure.

Use this link to schedule in a free soul chat with me first:

If none of the times work, send me an email to: please.

So excited to see what unfolds for all of us!! Much love to you!