Cassie Jeans is a passionate and inspiring speaker. She is a soul-whisperer and her presence opens up doors and awakens the audience.

She believes women carry within them an essence that is wild and pure and radiates truth when given permission to be released from within them.

She loves to connect women to their nature and show them how beautiful their souls are when they lean into intuition and instinct through the power of guided teachings.

Cassie can lead an event as well as be a featured speaker at an event.

The spiritual journey is vital. It is the life force within us that steers our life. Cassie teaches women how to activate their soul as their guidance system. Spiritual work isn’t fluffy but it is also something that must be played with humbly. Cassie’s speaking is a deep transformation for the audience and adds to the personal development world with soul, grace, and a radiance of light you can feel.

You can message Cassie directly to hire her for a speaking event you have coming up –

“Cassie is one of those leaders who always have the right words at the right time. You may not fully understand divine timing but when you come across Cassie, her words, wisdom, and presence- you’re exactly where you need to be- you feel it. I had the absolute pleasure of working with Cassie at a business retreat in Mexico. Cassie shared parts of her story that was so relatable to me and in such a genuine, classy, raw, and authentic way. She gave tangible tips and tools for life and business that I was able to take away and implement. After listening to Cassie’s segment, she immediately stood out to me.”

“Cassie is one of the most captivating & magnetic women I’ve had the honor of listening speak live. Her connection to her true self and her way of showing her heart, her pains, her experience and her personal lessons not only as a vulnerable woman but as a truthful Warrior woman inspires open-heartedness, triumph, and strength with the most powerful impetus, LOVE.”


“I attended a business retreat where Cassie was a speaker at on Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Before I met her, I didn’t know anything about her. The first day of the retreat, she was the first to speak. I was absolutely blown away. In fact, her speech was the best of the whole week. She spoke her truth in the most captivating way, telling the audience how we can speak ours and be our most authentic self. Each word she spoke had as much meaning as the next. However, one sentence has stuck with me, which was, “When we put a label on our identity, we lose our truest self.” WOW! I have a dream to speak at retreats one day and hope that it’s as powerful and life-changing as Cassie’s was. Thank you for being you, Cassie. For me, your kids, for the world, the Universe but most of all, yourself.”

“Cassie is one of the most incredibly gifted souls that I have been blessed to know. Her intuition is on point and always knows the right questions to ask that get deep beyond the surface. Cassie has a powerful, yet gentle presence that is like no other – I cannot recommend Cassie enough!”


“Cassie has a way of emanating joy and sincerity in everything she does, writes, records or teaches. I admire her consistency and dedication to being who she is and using it to help others.”