I am a multi-faceted entrepreneur. My creative energy does not thrive in a restricted box that only allows me to flow with one element of my being.

Below is a list of the services I provide and I am confident to say I do all of these very well.

Women’s Personal Development

I am deeply passionate about seeing a woman recognize how powerful and capable she is, to heal from her past and to develop a mindset that guides her instead of torments her. Self-worth is not a trendy topic. It is the root cause as to why so many women feel out of place, out of alignment, out of sync with their life. In order for a woman to feel confident and self-assured, she has to surrender certain aspects of her thought patterns that are creating obstacles within her mind. This can be done through a multitude of different ways depending on the resources available. Online sessions, group sessions online or in person, workshops, and retreats are incredible ways to support women. To set up a customized event for yourself or for a company event please message Cassie directly.

Email hello@cassiejeans.com

Spiritual Journey

I hold space for women who are on their spiritual journey and are feeling unworthy, disconnected, sad, and fear what is happening in them. There are intense emotions that are rising up within you that must be acknowledged. I help you come home to your truth and assist you in your spiritual journey so that you can feel at ease in your path and recognize the divine wisdom within you. Spiritual activations and clearings are important. We cannot ignore our essence and must nurture the soul the same way we do our body, mind, and emotions.

These sessions will clear the blocks quickly and can be done as a series or one at a time.

Book your individual session in here.

The Beauty Within

I take beautiful photos of women who want to connect with their intuition, instinct and divine feminine energy. This is an incredible experience and transforms the way a woman sees herself deeply and profoundly. I will visually capture the soul and essence of who you are. These photos can be for you personally and/or can be used to grow your business.

Sessions begin at $350 and vary depending on travel and creative process.

Please email and share what you are feeling drawn to create and I will reply with questions or request a phone call with you to explore this fully – hello@cassiejeans.com

Dreams of Being a Writer

Do you want to write your story in a way that impacts the world? Maybe you have it written and want a set of eyes to guide you to go deeper? Or maybe you don’t know what to do to begin the process of writing as a career.

You can hire me for consulting on the best way to start your writing career. There are so many options and ways to go about doing this. I can guide you to make the best decisions for where you are right now to set you up to where you want to be.

Please email me and share your writing dreams so I can see how to best be of service to you – hello@cassiejeans.com

“Working with Cassie is such an incredible experience it’s almost hard to put it into words! In an hour and a half, I experienced two major breakthroughs and mindset shifts, that I’m already seeing the benefits of in the 3 days since working with her. Cassie’s unique ability to drill down to the root of everything and meet you with compassion, excitement and grace is like no one else. I promise you won’t regret taking the leap to work with her!”

Jennifer Mannhardt

“Where, do I start honestly. It’s been 3 months since Cassie entered my life and what a beautiful whirlwind they have been. The amount of growth that I have experienced in such a short time is unmeasurable. It’s been a total mind and soul transformation. Her ability to see you and really connect is earth shattering in the best way! She has a gift. I had lost my spark, my why, my voice and through the use of simple, real questions I was able to heal. The woman I am in this exact moment doesn’t have all the answers but is limitless in what she can do. Thank you Cassie!”

Rebecca Hammond

“I am so grateful for Cassie! She is authentic and passionate about self-worth and business mindset! She is full of knowledge and expertise that will blow your mind! I had so many light bulb moments throughout the sessions. I truly appreciate her passion and words of wisdom. She gives you the tools to get out of your own freaking away!”

Tash Ey