Book Editing with Cassie

Do you want to write your story in a way that impacts the world? Maybe you have it written and want a set of eyes to guide you to go deeper, to show you where it isn’t working, to bring out the absolute best in your story.

Every woman has a story inside of her that is waiting to come into the light. You’ve done or are doing the soul work, now it’s time to let your story empower, lead and guide other women to awaken to their life.

Why me as your editor?

I’m delightfully ruthless. I don’t care if I’m going to hurt your feelings, you’re not putting garbage out into the world. This is the fire that I bring to my edits. Now, I am kind and intuitive in my approach and I trust my skills. This combination allows me to do what my gift is intended to do. And that is to bring words into the world that change people’s lives. If you long for that and understand what I’m saying here, we will be a good fit together.

Send me a message immediately if you know you want to start working together on your book. I can only take up to 3 books a month. Use the contact form here and tell me about you, your book and why you want to work together.

Writing Coach – Working with me 1:1 

Cassie is taking a small number of coaching clients who are wanting to align with their Soul work and shift all limitations about what is possible and fully embody their writing gifts. Cassie works with artists, writers, poets, lightworkers, and those that want to be in service to humanity. 

Why hire a writing coach?

Writing coaching is accountability and personal development with the focus on finishing the book and doing it with your whole heart and no fear. Cassie will show you the infinite possibilities within yourself to create the work you dream of and the courage to share it with the world.

When do you hire a writing coach?

At any writing stage.

  • If you are in the beginning phases but keep procrastinating or putting off the writing now is the best time to hire a writing coach.
  • If you are midway and stuck, it’s like the words have gone and you’re aching to bring them back, now is the time to hire a writing coach.
  • If you’re done and the book is done and now you’re terrified to put it out there, now is the time to hire a writing coach. 

Working 1:1 with Cassie starts at $1500. For more information fill out the contact form. Read the testimonials below from women Cassie has worked with and guided.

“Working with Cassie is such an incredible experience it’s almost hard to put it into words! In an hour and a half, I experienced two major breakthroughs and mindset shifts, that I’m already seeing the benefits of in the 3 days since working with her. Cassie’s unique ability to drill down to the root of everything and meet you with compassion, excitement and grace is like no one else. I promise you won’t regret taking the leap to work with her!”

Jennifer Mannhardt

“Where, do I start honestly. It’s been 3 months since Cassie entered my life and what a beautiful whirlwind they have been. The amount of growth that I have experienced in such a short time is unmeasurable. It’s been a total mind and soul transformation. Her ability to see you and really connect is earth shattering in the best way! She has a gift. I had lost my spark, my why, my voice and through the use of simple, real questions I was able to heal. The woman I am in this exact moment doesn’t have all the answers but is limitless in what she can do. Thank you Cassie!”

Rebecca Hammond

“I am so grateful for Cassie! She is authentic and passionate about self-worth and business mindset! She is full of knowledge and expertise that will blow your mind! I had so many light bulb moments throughout the sessions. I truly appreciate her passion and words of wisdom. She gives you the tools to get out of your own freaking away!”

Tash Ey