Her Art of Surrender

It is time to celebrate beautiful souls! This past year I decided to take my writing to a whole new level but I didn’t do it alone! I became a lead author and with the support of family and friends and my incredible publishing company, Goldenbrick Road Publishing House, and the nineteen women who graciously welcomed me into their stories, we wrote a book!!

It is called, Her Art of Surrender. A collection of stories about letting go of the past and embracing the soul. This book is beautiful and receiving some of the most amazing reviews I will post those below!

This book has to be in the hands of every woman you know including yourself. 

If you would like me to come and do a reading or teach on the art of surrender and what it means to create peace within yourself no matter what is happening around you feel free to reach out anytime. 

This book will teach you to look at life through an interesting lens. The stories are real, the women are women you would pass by on the street. Literally, you might have already! We are sharing our stories because we know that by sharing them, the facade falls away, the walls of shame come down, and the opportunity to open the heart to healing increases ten-fold. 

This is why we write. This is why we feel. This is why we share. To extend a hand to a beautiful soul and to remind her, it is safe now to journey the road of surrender.

Pick up a copy please by going to this link, Her Art of Surrender, and use my coupon code for 20% off – Cassie20 – the code applies to all the books on the site.

Thank you for the love always!! 

P.S. Use my coupon code, Cassie20 for 20% off – the code applies to all the books on the site too! – Click here for your copy  – Her Art of Surrender. <<<

How Do You Find Your Writing Voice?

I work with female entrepreneurs who plan to write non-fiction spiritual or self-help books with meaning and intention. Have you read Rise Sister Rise, To Be Soul Do Soul, You Are a Badass, Big Magic, you know what books I’m talking about then? Books written by women for women who believe anything is possible and want to inspire others to do the same.


The question is, why haven’t you written your book already? I know why. Time, creative flow, direction, doubt, not clear about what your writing voice actually is yet, accountability (that’s a big one). And the usual, fear of the unknown. I don’t know how many times I hear my lovely fempreneurs say, “Oh my gosh, I am so writing my book this year!” And the year passes and there may have been a solid attempt at writing it but the reality is, like most big things we want to do in life, without having someone there to guide the process of a super big undertaking like writing a book, the words will stay lost inside of you until you decide to take this seriously.


How do you find your writing voice? I’m totally giving you the no BS answer. You write. Ugh…I know, not what you wanted to hear right? But it’s the truth! If you aren’t writing I’m shaking my head and thoughtfully thinking to myself, ‘A writer who doesn’t write, yep, that’s not going to work.’


So what do you do about it? Ready for more non-BS, hehe…you hire a writing coach. Another not-so-glamorous approach to writing! Writing can be magical and touched by divine inspiration yet it is also structural, technical, systematic. I teach you how to show up for yourself in this process and tap into the divine nature of your voice it is freaky. What do you really want to say that you aren’t’ saying? What is locked away inside of your voice? Why aren’t you writing your heart out? What is up with the writer’s block? Yep, all of that mixed with a lot of love and fierce intuition.


Please, don’t write another one of those super lame “free ebooks” that everyone has done and create something meaningful with your words. At the heart of why I do this is because I love words, because books changed my life, and because if I can help a woman tap into her writing voice in a way that strikes a chord with other women and maybe even lands her a publishing deal which means more of humanity is impacted by soul work then I know I am fulfilling a part of my gifting.


So how does this whole process work? Excellent question! We start with a curiosity call to see if you and I can dance baby! Do we jive? Do I understand you? Is your vision for your book viable? All of that will happen in a 20-minute call you can book here. At the end of the call if we are totally vibing and you are ready to dive into this process I will let you know about the investment to do this with me and set up your account to start booking in your creative calls so you can get on track to actually writing your book!


This will be fun I assure you and also heart-opening, tearful, full-on spirit-vibing and sisterhood creating, and even raw and painful on all levels! Writing is like a mirror to the soul, wounded and whole.





Not looking to write a book but you would still love to tap into your writing voice? Watch for a new writing class I have coming up about how to use journal prompts to open up your writing voice. Releasing soon!

The Life Intentionally Women’s Empowerment event of the year is live a live event I have been asked to speak at!

This is the low down from Sarah Swain – host.


Over the course of this two day MEGA women’s empowerment event, you will be taken on a journey of personal transformation, facilitated by powerful coaches & speakers that will leave you EAGER to get moving on your personal goals, mission & vision. This event is for YOU, so you can step into your own power and start living life on your own terms. Design over default! You will leave this summit with renewed confidence, fresh perspective & a whole new level of drive. OH, and a room full of new friends!

Do you want to meet in September and attend this event? Click here for the info.


Three Things Writers’ Do that Creates Writers’ Block

#writerslife consists of:


Divine downloads/staring at a screen praying for the words to flow / binge watching fav movies instead of writing

battling the voices of inadequacy / feeling overwhelmed about all that has to be done / dreaming of the day you hold your book in your hands

Let’s call this series of blogs, Writers Life. I was sitting somewhere, it could have been at the coffee shop, could have been journaling this morning, could have been in the bathroom, no joke. And I was thinking, what can I do to add more value and service to the ever-growing community of people that want to know how to take their writing to a whole new level.

I’ve had a fair amount of conversations with writers who are in the middle of a book, just beginning a book, or know they want to write it but do not have a plan. I come across similar worries, fears, and hesitations from just about every single one of them when we start talking. This is what I see.

  1. Too stuck in the future. Instead of literally putting their words down in a google doc, word doc, note in their phone, blog post, or anywhere that means words have gotten down on the page they are worried about whether the book has value or if it is a good idea in the first place. Listen, if you are wanting to make a career with writing you are going to write a lot of words that people are never going to read. I submit to publications and on the regular, I am rejected more times than accepted. The art of writing is also the art of showing up and doing it even if it never goes anywhere. Crazy right? To think that you could spend time doing something even if no one ever sees is. If the intention is to be known, that may not be enough of a drive to see an entire book through. If the intention, however, is because you can’t see yourself doing anything else but write really great books. Now you have something you can work with. Advancing your life too far into the future on any level creates fear of the unknown. It can be very challenging to tap into your creative flow when you are focused on things that are A) Out of your control. B) Have nothing to do with developing your craft. Writing is an art form. Do the work, show up for the words and see what starts flowing instead of worrying about the book deal of your life.
  2. Not clear on the reality of writing a book. I did this too! I was like, I want to write a book! And I started it and it’s still sitting on my computer. I didn’t have a plan or outline or solid, credible information about the industry I was writing my book for. I didn’t have a team, at least one person in my corner who would hold me accountable to write every day and hit my goals towards completion. Writing may be done in solitude but finishing the book takes a team. Who do you have that will not only keep you on deadline but will also be able to bring out your words in the best possible way? Having someone you can bounce ideas off of, someone that engages with you and believes in what you are doing is the antidote to writer’s block, literally. Imagine what it would feel like to have a landline you can call when it feels like you may never get the book done. Let someone or a team of people into the process with you, it is way more fun!
  3. Writers care too much about what other people think. If when you sit down to write you start thinking, “What will others think? Will people buy this? Is my story good enough? Will people care about this?” you are steamrolling down a tunnel of fear, worry, and shame. Remember the team of people you are going to hire/ask to help you in developing your book? Yep, those are the ones you bounce your idea off of. Everyone else, including family or friends, who are not on the same wavelength as you and your dreams, do not matter. This is your craft. This is your art. Wasting time and energy wondering what people will think is a luxury you cannot afford and cripples creativity. Write for yourself first, write for the thrill of the words, write because it is all you can picture doing. Write the story you want to read. A writer is not responsible for how people perceive their work, you are responsible for the story and the reason why you write it. Never let other people’s opinions (unless again they come from that fun, credible, team of supporters) derail you from what you know in your heart you have to do.

There is a lot going on inside the mind of a writer. Some daily practices I do to help me with writer’s block and to stay close to the creative nectar of words is to journal my ramblings, Instagram post, and record a podcast. There is nothing worse than keeping it all stored inside of my brain. I have to express what is happening and instead of there being less there is so much more for me every time I do this! An infinite flow of divine guidance and support is always available. Creating space for the stillness means planning the time when there is quiet around you and also, letting the words out of the busy mind.  Do both.

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Lots of love,




Are you serious about writing? Do you want an editor and writing coach to hold space for you and your words? If that’s a heck yeah, send me a message to hello@cassiejeans.com to talk about the best plan for your writing goals. I specialize in non-fiction, soul-empowerment, no-fluff, raw and real books.