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My Body is a Celebration

My body is a celebration.
It is not a playground for feasting eyes.
It is my sovereign right to love, adorn, and play with her.
My body is the essence of life.
Of life creating within itself.
A system of divine remembrance and safety from harm.
My body is not open unless permission has been granted.
My body is not to be touched without consent.
My body is resilient and brave and courageous.
My body is soft and warm and delicate.
Shame has no place within me.
Guilt does not hold ground here.
My body was gifted to me first.
My body should be explored by me first.
My body is not for taking.
She is mine and I am hers and this is a sacred union.
She is not there to heal the broken and ill-intentioned.
She is not there to be cracked open.
My body is my souls home.
My body is my souls home.
My body is my souls home…
And this is divine.
Sealed with tears,
– Cassie Jeans

Why sealed with tears? I think it’s all sinking in. I will open with, I have never been sexually assaulted, harassed yes, assaulted no…I recognize I am a minority with that statement, how appalling is that? I am a witness to the women who share with me what has happened to them. I hold space for them as they tell me about the violations against their body. I sit either in person or on a zoom call and I listen, I listen, I listen…and the pain of what they share with me never diminishes, the horror and the depth of their agony never lightens. It never becomes, “ok.” It only ever intensifies with – this will not continue. This will not go on. There is never a circumstance that condones an assault like this. This violates our human rights. 

I want our generation to be the last to share these stories. I want our lineage of men to see women like the divine embodiment they are and I know they can see this because I know men who see women this way and it is so beautiful, so whole, so pure. But men, we need your voice in this. Just as much as we raise our own, we need you to say something behind closed doors when your buddies make a sexually objectifying comment that demoralizes the sanctity of our existence. We need you to speak from your heart the way men can, we need you to share the stories on your feeds and not just scroll by them thinking this doesn’t affect you because it does. We need our young boys to hear you talking about this, enraged about this, speaking words that empower these young men to think differently about their existence so they can experience the joy of truly appreciating a woman.

Men, use your voice.

To my dear sisters, I am sorry for what pierced you. I am sorry that when you told someone they didn’t believe you. I am sorry you carried this shame inside of you for so long. I am sorry you thought this was your fault. I am sorry the systems did not help you. 

To every woman who has publically shared about her assault, rape, harassment, thank you. You all deserve a medal of honor. It is never easy hitting the post button about violation…it is never easy speaking on stage and going back to the event when your body was ripped open…it is never easy testifying against someone who you thought was “the one.”

To every woman who has shared privately, you deserve a medal of honor as well. Privately sharing your story takes the same courage. You never know if it will go well. What if you aren’t believed (again)? What if you are shamed? The risk is so high under all of these circumstances.

So what do we do? 

We keep feeling.
We keep speaking.
We keep loving.
We keep marching.
We keep believing.
We keep asking.
We keep demanding.
We keep sharing.
We keep breathing.

Women have every right to feel safe. This is not a hard concept to understand but it will take a unified response from women and men. Old paradigms of thought must come to an end and they begin with us right here and now. It is time to question within ourselves how we first respond to sexual assault. It is time to hold one another accountable for what is permissible when it comes to the treatment of women. Our bodies are ours and ours alone. We have every right to claim sovereignty over our bodies.

Please share this message as it speaks to you. #enoughisenough   

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Have you ever heard of Hernando Cortez? I hadn’t until I had been hanging around in the entrepreneurial space for a bit but the first time I heard of his name I was like, “I am so glad I was not on his boat…” He was a Spanish Conquistador who, in 1519 landed in what is now Mexico and committed entirely to his quest and told his crew to burn the boats that they had just sailed in on. Crazy right?

Well, in 1519 that Conquistador has been inspiring leaders ever since. Burn the fucking boats. That takes serious faith in your mission right? Have you ever been in a position where you were asked to burn some boats?

I believe we are asked that daily. Our life, the awesome life that we have, is like a boat right? Every day we set our sail, test out the wind, decide if we are going to coast to familiar waters or set out on a voyage of mass discovery and epic adventure. Did you know, that your life is yours to live? Just like that boat is yours to burn.

When we make the decision to fully commit to our life quest how far are we willing to take it? Are we investing into the right skills to withstand the journey? Strong sails, the right crew, and an even stronger mindset. Are we ensuring a level of success or are we coasting by, dabbling in our quest, just touching the surface but never veering that far from shore?

I would pose a challenge for you right now. If you are in fact an entrepreneur and your business isn’t doing super great you have two choices. 1) List all the reasons why things aren’t working, find people or the economy to blame, whine, shake your fist up at the sky and ask Why God Why?!! (believe me, I’ve been there, we all have). Or 2) You can burn your boats. You can take that dingy that to everyone else looks like an eyesore but to you, it’s a massive ship and you can start to commit to your journey. You can stop dabbling and you can treat your business like the empire that it absolutely can be.

I am telling you, if this truly is your life’s quest than it does not matter what kinds of storms lie ahead, you can find that piece of land that is calling you to make your claim. And when you get there, no matter how scary you will take the ultimate leap of faith and you will move forward never to look back. You will pull a Hernando and burn your boats.

I know for me personally, when it comes to my family, I have asked them to make some pretty major sacrifices so that I can commit 100% to my life’s mission and there have been many times when I felt completely crazy for doing what I was doing. So many times I wanted to say, “That’s it, I’m getting a job, I can’t do this anymore.” Thank God I never did that. My goodness, for me, it would be a waste of the gifts that I have been blessed with.

I have decided time and time again to burn a variety of boats in my life. Personal ones, spiritual ones, financial ones, physical, mental, the whole gamut. I don’t regret a single burn and you won’t either.

What are you going to do with your life’s quest? It can be anything you want it to be. Make sure it is an amazing one and one that helps a ton of people along the way.







Do you find yourself struggling with the belief that you even have a life’s mission? Does it feel like everyone else knows what they want and you’re still trying to figure it out? I have been there! What I find more often than not is that you actually do know, sometimes you just have to be asked. Have you ever thought about doing coaching that helps those with a BIG dream for their life be able to start it with clarity and confidence? If you answered yes book in your Free 30 Minute Discovery Call and we can see if this is a great fit to move forward in.


You know that handy dandy list of excuses you have for NOT doing that thing, that thing that keeps nudging at you to do…yeah, you know what I’m talking about. May I ask, what more proof do you need? We can get so tunnel visioned you know? Sometimes I think we believe that as an individual we are the only person on the planet. Especially when we are confronted with the idea that we could actually follow our dreams! The audacity of that, “I’m just one person, what could I possibly do?”

Serious eye brow raise happening here. That’s your reason? Or what about this one…”I don’t have anything to offer, why would anyone want to listen to me?” Again, seriously. Uh-huh, that is excuse central and fear-based thinking talking. That’s actually not you talking. That voice is your past, your fear, your worries, mistrust issues, lack of belief, lack of courage, lack of self-worth and a vast misunderstanding of just how vast and CONNECTED this little planet actually is.

That voice right there can not only be managed quite effectively but you can definitely bust through some of that stuff with not as much trouble as you might be thinking. Want proof?

Have you ever heard of: Wes Chapman, Jenna Galbut, Susan Sly, Patrick-Bet David, Isaac Lidsky, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Jake Solomon and I could seriously name so many more! These amazing people alone have dealt with poverty, political threats, death of parents, unfaithful spouses, molestation at a vile degree, physical, emotional, mental abuse, homelessness, drug addiction, alcoholism, crappy teachers and even worse crappy therapists and yet somehow all are incredibly successful in life and in entrepreneurship. And that is probably the smallest list ever of the hundreds of thousands that have their own stories of overcoming severe adversity.

What more proof do you need? What makes you more special than the people mentioned and the stories that they share? You have unique gifts, skills and it is true, no one can be you the way that you can be you but are your excuses for not creating the life that you truly want to BE living justifiable enough?

We operate at a fraction of what we are capable of and designed for. There is no limit to our human potential. Isn’t that amazing? You are part of an incredible network of systems and beliefs that are all rooting for you to succeed.

It is not the requirement of anyone to live into their full potential (and truthfully, we never get to that point but the journey sure is fun). Listen, it will easily be one of the hardest journeys you will ever take, if you do ever decide to do that nudging sort of thing but I can assure you with every ounce of confidence in my body and soul it will be your life’s work and doing that, really going all in on that is the greatest gift you can give yourself, me and the other 6 Billion people on our planet.

Decide today to amaze yourself.







Are you ready to listen to the nudging? Did this post stir something up in your heart and soul and you just have to find out just how good it can actually be? If there is a resounding YES in your head right now book yourself in for a Free Discovery Call and let’s create our own living proof story. XO

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Alright lovely, for real. This is a big deal so listen up, pay close attention because I am about to share with you a crazy truth bomb. One that when you hear you will know to be true but it will be so simple you are going to want to fight it, resist it, tell it off and create some sort of challenge that is not even there around it. Let the words be the words and let them heal your soul. Trust that it can be simple that the only challenge in knowing the truth are the obstacles that we form around it. Release the resistance.

Let’s do this. I have been reading this freakishly great book. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, raving fan over here. The beginning of the book is hard core and right to the point with truth bombs exploding all over the place. Just when  you think it is ending and you are ready to level up and start applying all of the greatness stored within this super-easy to read book he starts taking you on this whole spiritual journey that has birthed this incredible truth inside my mind and heart that I have to share with you.

I have to share this because I can see that so many of you are still struggling. Still living with this intense amount of pain and weight on your shoulders that I believe will be relieved after this post. Especially for those that BELIEVE there is a calling on their life. That there is a gentle whisper saying, “Now, now is the time to rise and walk in your greatness.” You can feel this sweetness right? Like a lullaby for the soul. BUT, and this is where the freedom will be coming, you feel like you have this intense responsibility with this calling right? Like if you don’t get it 100% right you will let SO many people down. And that thought alone stops you in your tracks. It is time for your BreakThrough. 

Listen up, is it possible that I have not unlocked my purpose at all? Perhaps, I have become willing to collaborate with the Divine. Can you feel this? Seriously, let’s dig deeper.

All this time, the weight of thinking this is all up to us is gone right? There is so much comfort in realizing this isn’t all up to us. The force that is greater than me is playing a BIG part in this…and in fact, it is quite possible that the Divine is playing THE part in all of it. Meaning all we must become is a willing vessel. Meaning, anyone can do this. Meaning, you are free from the weight of caring too much. You are free from the outcome and can detach from the expectations completely. All that is expected of you is a willingness. 

Please tell me that this is sending you into a happy dance! Purpose is simple. Purpose is in our existence already. It is the TRUST and the DO. I get super-peeved at those who trust with all their heart and then sit on their greatness waiting for their miracle when we know the miracle happens in the do. There is no separation from us and the Divine. These forces are always collaborating with us. Remove the ego from the equation which in tangible form means stop worrying, overthinking, overwhelming, controlling and start trusting and doing.

How can you start applying this truth to your life right now? 

  1. For real, stop worrying about all the people you believe are counting on you. They aren’t, they’re counting on the Divine (God, Universe, Allah, whatever you can relate to). So release the need to feel responsible for them and start focusing on what you are willing to do.
  2. Ask yourself, what am I willing to do? And then let the answers come to you and when they do resist the need to overcomplicate it. 
  3. Start trusting and doing. Trust yourself, trust your gifts, trust your skills. They are already present inside of you. Take your mad skills and start applying them to something. It doesn’t matter what you apply them to, as long as you start doing it.

Each step is a step towards your purpose and no, it is not going to be a perfect beginning but at least it will be your beginning and that is so much better than doing nothing. What are you willing to do?





Are you ready to take it to a new level? Are you tired of knowing you are meant for so much more but there are obstacles that are preventing you from taking that next step? We can crush this and I know how. The solutions are simple, schedule in your Free Discovery Call and let’s get chatting. 


You can’t decide what is enough for someone else. See, I’ve got this pet peeve…this thing that really irks me to no end and for the most part, I understand it. It’s part of my passion, part of my obsession. I want everyone to see how amazing they are and when they can’t see what I can see I just want to shake them…a loving shake but I just wish I could somehow help them see it too. I believe we all have a purpose. No one opts out of this unless they want to. So basically what I am trying to say here is don’t opt out.

I realize I can’t make that decision for you and truthfully, that’s probably a really good thing. The magic happens when you realize it for yourself. When you stumble which is the exact right word for how it often happens for most of us. We stumble into our greatness. 

When I was first “figuring” out what my purpose was I did not have a plan because there is no plan! There is no formula, there is no strategy. It just doesn’t work that way. It’s a movement inside of you, a desire to have some sort of meaning to your life and in the beginning it can feel like you are just grasping at straws hoping you are going to grab onto something. Anything better than how you have been operating in the past. It is not something you can google and instantly get an answer to…you are going to have to walk it. And I mean, really physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually walk it.

I look back at where I started this whole crazy journey. The books I read, the people I met, the coaches I hired, the events I went to, the courses I bought and there isn’t a single regret you know? There isn’t one of those things that was ever a waste. Every time I took a risk and invested into myself has produced results months later that I never could have foreseen but I am truly grateful for. We overestimate what we can do in a year and underestimate what we can do in 3-5 years. I am just about 2 years in at this point and I can say with a smile on my face that I finally feel like I have somewhat of a grounding here. I feel secure in my business and my ability to teach others how to have that same type of footing.

I know instantly what I would do with someone who believed they had a message to share, who wanted to start the business of their dreams and I can say with confidence I can set them up with a simple and effective starting point that would create real results that would translate into sales. Flat out. I know after talking with someone for 5 minutes where they are at in their mindset and what we would need to focus on. I have become so skilled at asking questions it freaks me out at times but it is one of my greatest gifts and I will continue to develop all of my gifts. I will always be coachable and I will always have a coach. 

This place, where I am right now…I couldn’t see when I first started out because my belief in myself and my ability to see my own worth was painfully low. Have you ever felt that way? Like you can catch a glimpse of the awesome person you want to be but it just isn’t clear. It’s a feeling and many times in the beginning it’s just a hope. 

Self-Worth has become the cornerstone as to where I start with everyone. I have created a 4-Part Video series that is impacting lives drastically. The messages I receive, the stories people share with me bring me to tears and the space I have created in my closed FB group is a space I protect and love dearly. The women in there are my sisters. We are a tribe of leaders and the ripples we create will have a beautiful and true impact on our world. I believe in every single one of them.

I can’t decide what is enough for you but this is what I can do. I can and will continue to tell you how beautiful you are. I will always tell you that you are valuable, that you are worth it and that there is a greatness inside of you that you have not yet seen. I believe you have a story to share and I believe you want to share it but you can’t quite see how it all comes together yet. My luv you are trying to see pieces to the puzzle that wouldn’t make any sense to you even if you could see them.

It is your journey and yours alone to walk. The only question I have at this time is when? When are you going to start walking it? Time will pass the way it always does. You have an incredible opportunity to create an epic story with the time that you have. When? There is no perfect time, there is no better time, there is no opportune moment when things will fall in place and the clouds will part and your purpose will beam down into your brain. That time is NOW.

You are enough. You have always been enough. Believe me when I say the next best thing is to start.






Would you like to continue the conversation?

I have one spot left for 1:1 coaching this month. If you are ready to see what it feels like to walk in alignment with your purpose and from that create the business of your dreams this is the perfect way to start. Book in a Free Discovery Call and enter into 2017 with a confidence and peace you have not felt before.

“Working with Cassie is such an incredible experience it’s almost hard to put it into words! In an hour and a half, I experienced two major breakthroughs and mindset shifts, that I’m already seeing the benefits of in the 3 days since working with her. Cassie’s unique ability to drill down to the root of everything and meet you with compassion, excitement and grace is like no one else. I promise you won’t regret taking the leap to work with her!” – Jennifer Mannhardt

Chat soon. xoxo



We trust ourselves when we can speak into someone else’s life knowing we do not know the outcome, but we trust that our intention in lifting them up is good. There will be times when you will do whatever you can for someone, you will give that person(s) a lot of you and it still won’t be enough. Does that make them a horrible person? Are they to blame? Does that make you not good enough? I mean, you tried your best right and it didn’t work…so maybe you are the mistake?

Human behaviour fascinates me. The way our minds work in order to protect ourselves from pain is remarkable right? We quickly will take ownership for the negative behaviours in relationships but taking ownership for the good is a whole other story. Listen, if you are in a place right now where you are still seeking validation from someone who in the present time, will not be able to validate your feelings, will not be able to show you love, will not be able to support you please do not beat yourself up about this. It’s not you.

We often hear that we must remove the negative things in our life. Even the people. But what if those people are people you really love? What if they are part of your family? What if they have been a lifelong friend? In my L.O.P. Facebook Group (Living in Purpose) we have been doing a 5-Day challenge called Give Yourself Permission. It has been one of the most beautiful, raw and vulnerable events I have ever been a part of and I am so emotional about it that I have to step back and truly admire each of the participants for bringing their light and beautiful energy to the process.

One of the women in the group helped me to truly think about the statements we toss around about, “ditching the negative relationships because you are growing.” So first, let me point out the obvious here. Ditching a toxic, ill-intentioned relationship that is demoralizing and goes against your rights as a person is not what I am talking about here. I’m addressing that grey area. You know the one…where removing that person would be like trying to remove an arm. What do you do when you are attached to someone but they stop growing with you? Or better phrased, You have decided to Grow, which means you are Changing.

Not everyone is going to join you on your epic journey right? The beauty here about trusting yourself is that you can pour greatness into someone, especially someone you love and not allow it to take away from you. Meet people where they are at. Convincing someone to change is the worst idea. They have to want to change more than you want them to want it. They have to fight for their life, for how they want to live. You keep living yours. Discipline your emotions. My new favourite phrase. Do not create a story that isn’t there. See the situation for what it is.

You are on an epic journey, this is your vision, your dream. Will you be able to bring everyone with you on this journey? No. Will you meet amazing people that vibrate at the same energy that you do or higher? Yes! Can you still have people in your life that don’t know what to do with you, they don’t understand, never really ask about what you are doing because it just doesn’t make sense to them? Yes…trust yourself. Trust in your abilities, trust in your belief, trust in your dreams and then it won’t matter how many puzzled expressions you get, how many times you feel unsupported because you know that this is your truth and not everyone is going to get it. Cool, they still deserve love.

Be the amazing person you want to be for you…not because you are hoping it will make someone respect, love, support, or validate you. For anyone that really struggles with being able to get into that space that trusting yourself is a really good thing I would highly recommend the book by Susan Anderson, the Journey from Abandonment to Healing. A truly foundational book on so many levels.

Sending you an abundance of love and healing today.