Does Money Stop Us From Going After Our Dreams?

Super personal share…

I could finally put gas in the car. See, for months and months I would pull up at the gas station or would be checking out at the grocery store and I could feel the anxiety mounting up inside of me…

…was there money in the bank? Did I have enough to afford this? If I did that meant I wouldn’t have enough to buy the kids the running shoes they needed…let alone buy myself anything.

I hated it. Maybe you’ve felt this before too?

Building a business from scratch is one of the hardest things you will ever do but there’s a silver lining here. Keep reading.

The greatest investment you can make in your life is yourself. There is no other gift you can give to this world than the gift of a woman fully unleashed and uninhibited.

Truly, you are the gift.

I have come to realize this through many agonizing months of thinking I was a complete and utter failure. That what I was doing wasn’t going to make a difference. That on the outside…

…sure, it may have looked amazing but if you took a look at my bank account I was drowning.

In my heart and in my mind I had it all but patience is the silver lining in all of this. That attribute of the human soul alone will feed you and your family for the future. Did you hear me there?

Patience, belief, trust, grit, tenacity, faith, perseverance. This is what feeds the soul. This is what feeds the future.

I smile as I think about sharing my story on stage. Housewife from small town, creates millions because she chose to follow her heart. How did she do it? She fucking loved people. lol…and had a heck of a lot of help along the way. (SO many people I can thank here…seriously…I could probably thank you!! lol)

So here’s the deal. I want you to have your own version of your very own story. I don’t know where you are at right now but my hunch is that you are a dreamer of the highest being.

My hunch is that you believe with only half of your heart right now that you have a purpose and a calling. My hunch is that you’re scared to feel deeply again and that disappointment has plagued your life for far too long.

Would you like to be free now? Free to live life on your terms. Free to kick fear in the ass and let her fuel you as opposed to paralyze you.

Total transparency…I don’t have it all figured out yet. But what I do have no one can take away from me. I know I have what it takes to be the V I S I O N A R Y of my life.

I am calling you to explore the full potential of your gifts. Do you hear me? The full potential of your gifts that were birthed inside of you. You. They are yours. Stop hiding.

Ready to take the next step? I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be? Give yourself permission to collaborate with divine inspiration. Use the button to the side to book in your Free Discovery Call with me now.

We’ve got this.

Love always,

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Wisdom showed up and beckoned to her.

Come a little closer and I will show you a mountainous range, with sleek peaks and jagged rocks. With torturous winds and dark caves, where nothing can grow and no light can reach and there I will perch you and keep you safe.

The girl answered: “Why would you want to take me there? When I am comfortable here, bathed in light and luminosity, my every need is met, my heart longs for nothing, surely you can see that I am content?”

Wisdom asked that she come a little closer, so as to remove her from her space.

It is this that requires reckoning. This that requires forging. Content serves the weak and feeble minds, the limbs that cannot be supported, that are frail and break. Plump and unable to withstand a moment in a barren land.

Puzzled and now rather fearful the girl questions again, “why I must ask, do you want to perch me there? If you are so ill towards my content.”

And then wisdom smiles as she always does when her student gives way to their own Knowing.

For you know you carry the strength within you to persevere in this barren land.

You know the promises that have been laid before you.

You know the Light that reigns supremely in you.

You know that the moment you enter into this place that you will finally be using your gifts and not letting them go to waste.

The content you feel will be short lived and will quickly turn to boredom and resentment for inside of you a warrior remains.

And in that moment the girl feels the Knowing come alive inside of her and this shakes her to her core. She looks back knowing she cannot go back, knowing she can only go forward for even standing still will only drive her mad.

Looking ahead there does not appear to be anything, only a feeling, only a promise, but the path she must take she does not know so she lets her feet do the walking and her heart lead her as she walks towards the barrenness, towards the jagged rocks and sleek terrain.

She goes because of the awakening. She goes because of the light she can see, even when it all looks so dark, for she knows she carries it inside of her.

She knows that as she walks new ground the ground will support her. Will change beneath her. Will soften and become supple, able to reproduce and bear life beneath her. She knows that the darkness will not consume her. That her footing will only grow stronger. She knows that the winds will not sway her. That the promise of strength will not leave her and that love and light will reign supreme in her.

She knows that in order to feel content again, she must journey through places she has not been before, so she can do things she has not done before, so she can share wisdom to ears that have not listened before.

She knows there was nothing wrong with what she was doing before for how can you judge a child that has just come into the world? But with the truth that she does now know, in that she can never forget.

With wisdom beside her, fear all around her and a vision before her she begins her ascent, knowing she will never step in this space again, knowing that her time of being content is temporarily over, and with this knowing she finds a peace she has not felt before and a race in her heart that beats like a drum guiding her feet as she forges her own path.


This is what the journey towards living the life you dream of can often feel like. You know there is something more calling to you but in the beginning, that is all you feel because you have never walked this road before, all you know is that it leads you forward.

The “HOW” is irrelevant when it comes to your journey. You literally figure out the how as you go along. 

Have you been wanting to start something, forge your own path for quite some time now but have been struggling with believing that you have what it takes to make it successful. The more research I do in mindset the more I can see the connection between self-worth and living the life of your dreams. This is the beginning work, recognizing and trusting in your gifts.

If you have been touched by this message it is because it speaks to a place in your heart that has been lying dormant for too long. A place in your heart that longs to explore and be challenged. If you are struggling with self-worth and you know this is why you are not living in to your full potential you may be interested in booking in a 30 minute Discovery Call for free with me. The link is on this page. I look forward to hearing from you and rediscovering the truth that you have known and are ready to commit to.

Love always,


I just don’t know where I fit in. I am in one of the happiest times in my life right now, my heart is filled with gratitude like it has never been before. My mindset has transformed from being incredibly negative to radiating with light and positivity I truly believe anything is possible. My love for myself is not bogged down by shame and self-loathing and because of that my love for humanity has grown immensely and I actually get to be of service to people now. It is so beautiful, it is so free, so purposeful and I have SO many people to thank for where I am today. Every one of them is from a different background, a different belief system, a different era, lifestyle…I mean you name it. My tribe is a beautiful work of art each complementing the next and adding beauty to the overall work. So why do I feel this way? Why with all the beauty around do I wonder where I fit in Spiritually? Ah, there’s the kicker.

See, this past year has been incredibly transformative for me in all areas of my life including my spirituality. I have always been intuitive, always been guided, always been able to feel people and see who they are rather quickly. I have always felt deeply connected to the Earth and the mysteries she holds and I have always sung praises to my Creator. I have always deeply loved animals and believed they had access to an awareness that some of us never fully access and I have always believed that there is a mystery to life and why we are here that we will not ever fully understand…there are no clear answers from what I can tell, humbly speaking.

Lately however there seems to be a stirring that is requiring me to address my spirituality at the present moment. Knowing that it has the freedom to change and knowing that it is always growing because I am always learning so I will describe this to the best of my ability. My biggest fear of being labelled a Christian is being lumped into the judgmental, fear-based doctrine that often (not all the time) but often shows up in this label. I have experienced this personally on both sides. I have myself been incredibly judgmental of people in the past and some of my most unloving years to myself and to others has been when I would have called myself a Christian. I’m not super happy about that. And I have also experienced the other side. Now being judged for the slightest of things and even more so, being told by individuals that I am being dangerous with my spirituality, that they “love me” but would like it if I was more careful with what I put out there or write. This I find very confusing. Now, I am wise enough to take all things into consideration and only respond if I feel it necessary as well as I am able to see other people’s perspectives and feel out the underlying triggers for them (thank God for that gifting) so for the most part, I am truly happy to accept their perspective and continue on in my joy and in my journey.

But one of the most recent events has really stirred up a lot of questions in my heart and soul and I believe that by putting these questions and statements out there I will attract answers or will at least, create a peace that seems to be lacking at the current moment.

Perhaps you have felt this way and let me preface that by writing this I am not saying my way is right,  I am not saying I don’t believe in God, I am not saying that I have any answers. This is truly a feeling that has been with me since I was a little child and when I ignored it as an adult it twisted me both physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually so I have learned it is best to not ignore.

Being part of a religious ideology has often felt for me:

  • Feeling restricted by it. Not because of what would be classified as sin but because quite often the restriction felt like control and less about love.
  • I love humanity so much and know what it is like to love a child with such intensity. No matter what, I will never not love my child. The association that this brings up for me in regards to eternity in Hell I struggle with greatly. I have done research through a variety of blogs written by a variety of experts (pastors, reformed Christians, etc) and I cannot find one to date that brings any ease into this horrific example of what life after death is like for so many. If God, is my Heavenly Father, I understand the perspective that children do require discipline but I would never send my son or daughter to their room in a dark and sidious dungeon for all of eternity just because they didn’t believe in me. This is possibly the hardest one for me to come to terms with. Who am I to think of myself as better than anyone else? I am deeply respectful of other people’s beliefs but when I hear this I do not hear eternal love. I hear condemnation. Perhaps this is my own personal struggle? Perhaps I have misunderstood something but when confronted with this something inside of me says, this just doesn’t make sense.
  • When I say things like Mother Earth I am talking about the respect and reverence I have for Creation. She is a gift that has been given to us and yes, she has an energy to her and yes, I call her a she because as a woman I am capable of literally birthing life. Our earth does the same thing even if the only way you can view it is that it was created by God, since God to my understanding is neither a man nor a woman I would love to reference She for when I speak of how beautiful this earth is. Native Americans understood this so well. How to take care of the land, how to not deplete her, how to live with her. Leading me to the next part…
  • What of other teachings? Are we not here to learn from one another or are we here to make everyone believe the same thing? I don’t get it and truthfully even in my most zealous years as a Christian I would completely close myself off to learning about other religions deeming them all below mine. Is this really the way in which we love one another?
  • And then what of people? We were created with free will…created to have conscious minds that process thoughts. We have learned that our body is literally made up of energy which existentially means we are made up of a substance that you can’t even see and the entire planet is made up this way. We were given the tools and the ability to reason, to think of multiple thoughts at the same time, given a vast array of emotions, sensors, problem solving skills and the ability to be as diverse as anything I have ever come across to date on this planet and yet we are meant to all comply under one umbrella thought of what heaven and hell are and whose God is better than the other’s gods, and how many people will actually make it to eternity and whether or not aliens exist and if they do who made them, and was it a bang or a progression into existence and did we actually ride in on a giant turtle or was it physics that created this whole planet and because one book proclaims truth it negates all the other books proclaiming truth and it is okay to abolish a whole culture of people, murder, pillage and rape in the name of your God as long as everyone ends up going to heaven in the end and taking care of the poor is not enough if it is not done in God’s name and is deemed less serving if it is done just for a sheer love of a human being and don’t even get me started on the whole gay rights thing because at one point a beautiful African American soul could not even use the same bathroom as a Caucasian and were viewed as below any western idea of religion and what of purgatory, reincarnation, ghosts, I mean, the sheer volume of all the discrepancies is overwhelming isn’t it? I mean…seriously, what of people? All religions have suffered the ill-effects of wanting power and dominion over something or someone. All.

Listen, I have had the most beautiful visions and spiritual experiences with God. Whenever I feel compelled to pray it is Him that I pray to because I believe He exists. I just struggle with the concept that I am the only person in this Universe that has the exact right answer. So some may want to say to me, “But Cassie, where is your FAITH?” And I would politely have to ask them, “Where is yours?” I have faith. In fact, allowing myself to believe again has been the most surrendering of all processes that I have been through up to this point in my life so please, this is not a question of faith.

This is a question of trying to understand something that I do not believe we were ever meant to fully understand.

If God is totally your thing and you are incredibly happy, fulfilled, at peace, doing your thing, loving people, being kind, receiving the differences on this planet and are a firm believer in the Bible I commend you. I think that is truly beautiful and I totally get it. In a sense, I am right there with you. But there are some questions that linger in my spirit that cause me to really look at all of humanity knowing that we are all far from perfect. I want to love my neighbour for who they were created to be casting no judgment and being respectful of human life and individual choice.

There are 4200 different kinds of religion on this planet. I assure you I have not had the time to research them all and am not an expert in this area at all. As I mentioned before I do not have the answers…I only have questions but in this process of trying to understand I ask that people be kind. Please do not tell me that you are worried about my soul because I believe in Light and that there is light in this world. Please do not send me personal messages telling me a symbol is a gay rights symbol as if to imply that I should somehow not be using it and then proceed to say you “love me.” When someone is on a journey who do you think they will want to turn to for guidance when a question arises as to where they should head next? To the person who shows up in the world as being loving and accepting of ALL people no matter their stage in life or the person who is constantly trying to steer them for their own gain?

I understand the importance of protecting one’s Spirit. If there is as much good as I believe there is in the World I also know there is just as much bad. Even within Scriptures there are contradicting teachings that require a delicate analysis to take the time period, customs, and any other language variables into account and I am not a scholar in this but truthfully, I’m not trying to prove my views as right. If you see someone that you know doing something that puzzles you, triggers you, gives you a compelling desire to speak to them so that you can “help” them and you do not first proceed with, “Hey, how’s it going?” then stop. Ask yourself, why do I feel compelled to say something? What has this person said that is causing me to feel this way? More often than not, whatever that person said probably has more to do with how you are feeling about yourself and is more than likely attached to your own story of pain than anything else.

If we could just stop trying to find the faults in one another and adopted the mindset of understanding and engaging in the right questions there would be so many less misunderstandings, so much less segregation and little need to control. I am responsible for how I show up in this world, as are you. I am one person with one perspective and what I have shared with you today is a part of my journey. I don’t know what tomorrow brings and what new information will be discovered but I do know that I am more at peace in giving myself permission to explore, to learn and to listen to other people’s individual stories. The more I listen I realize that we are not as different as we might think and truly the more beauty I see in our differences.

Even in this commentary there are so many more things I could bring up that I truly don’t understand. I’m like a kid, trying to figure out where I fit into all the happenings in the World. I am not trying to sway anyone to follow me and truthfully, I am more than likely wrong about a lot of stuff but I know where my intentions are. My intention is to L O V E people. To tell them that they are so beautiful. To show them that they are a gift to this world. My heart’s desire is for P E A C E. If you have come across any literature, videos, or if you just resonate with this on some level would you graciously pass that info along or send me a message? I am open to listening but will not put up with judgment and narrow minded view points.





Girl…let nothing define you.
Let nothing come in between you and that passionate, fiery maven inside of you.
Let no person, man or woman, redirect you.
Let no negative banter, mind-numbing chatter stop you from claiming what is rightfully yours.

Yes, you will have to work for this. Yes, you will cut cords for this. And yes, you will be refined by this…

The refining is your prize. Not the jewels, exotic destinations, red-sole shoes or anything else that tantalizes the sensations.

It’s the refinement of your character, the polishing of your heart, the poise, the exhale of your Soul that is what you are living towards.

See, if all we wanted was a decent life without too many bumps in the road we could have it…but that’s not what we want…is it?

We aren’t afraid to get a little dirty, to test limits and to explore boundaries. We aren’t hung up on what everyone else is doing because we, in ourselves, are creating.

We are Mavens, we are connected to lineage of sisterhood and elegance and we are not bound by societal rules.

For all my soul-driven, sensual, fiery women I say we fucking dance. I say we unleash words stored in our hearts and we let those that would try to take from us know, that they can have everything but…

…they can never have the beat that joins us together as we dance. It is and has always been in our hips, in the way we bring life to this world, in the way we speak and mesmerize.

Yes, balance is always required here…yes, masculinity is always respected here…but this rhythm that is stirring in our hearts when we say, “Rise Sister Rise” awakens us fully to walk in our Light.

Gratitude for Rebecca Campbell and all the women that came before her and all that come after her.

My heart is full, my mind is brimming, my eyes are open, my mouth is ready to speak, my hands are ready to feel, my arms are ready to hold, my legs are ready to walk the journey that only I can tell…

You have this too, this passionate soul living in you. All you must do is never forget her, nurture her always and believe that what she is speaking to you is For You and will bless others because of the Love that is so present in you. Dig deeper. 

Love always,

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Have you ever heard of Hernando Cortez? I hadn’t until I had been hanging around in the entrepreneurial space for a bit but the first time I heard of his name I was like, “I am so glad I was not on his boat…” He was a Spanish Conquistador who, in 1519 landed in what is now Mexico and committed entirely to his quest and told his crew to burn the boats that they had just sailed in on. Crazy right?

Well, in 1519 that Conquistador has been inspiring leaders ever since. Burn the fucking boats. That takes serious faith in your mission right? Have you ever been in a position where you were asked to burn some boats?

I believe we are asked that daily. Our life, the awesome life that we have, is like a boat right? Every day we set our sail, test out the wind, decide if we are going to coast to familiar waters or set out on a voyage of mass discovery and epic adventure. Did you know, that your life is yours to live? Just like that boat is yours to burn.

When we make the decision to fully commit to our life quest how far are we willing to take it? Are we investing into the right skills to withstand the journey? Strong sails, the right crew, and an even stronger mindset. Are we ensuring a level of success or are we coasting by, dabbling in our quest, just touching the surface but never veering that far from shore?

I would pose a challenge for you right now. If you are in fact an entrepreneur and your business isn’t doing super great you have two choices. 1) List all the reasons why things aren’t working, find people or the economy to blame, whine, shake your fist up at the sky and ask Why God Why?!! (believe me, I’ve been there, we all have). Or 2) You can burn your boats. You can take that dingy that to everyone else looks like an eyesore but to you, it’s a massive ship and you can start to commit to your journey. You can stop dabbling and you can treat your business like the empire that it absolutely can be.

I am telling you, if this truly is your life’s quest than it does not matter what kinds of storms lie ahead, you can find that piece of land that is calling you to make your claim. And when you get there, no matter how scary you will take the ultimate leap of faith and you will move forward never to look back. You will pull a Hernando and burn your boats.

I know for me personally, when it comes to my family, I have asked them to make some pretty major sacrifices so that I can commit 100% to my life’s mission and there have been many times when I felt completely crazy for doing what I was doing. So many times I wanted to say, “That’s it, I’m getting a job, I can’t do this anymore.” Thank God I never did that. My goodness, for me, it would be a waste of the gifts that I have been blessed with.

I have decided time and time again to burn a variety of boats in my life. Personal ones, spiritual ones, financial ones, physical, mental, the whole gamut. I don’t regret a single burn and you won’t either.

What are you going to do with your life’s quest? It can be anything you want it to be. Make sure it is an amazing one and one that helps a ton of people along the way.







Do you find yourself struggling with the belief that you even have a life’s mission? Does it feel like everyone else knows what they want and you’re still trying to figure it out? I have been there! What I find more often than not is that you actually do know, sometimes you just have to be asked. Have you ever thought about doing coaching that helps those with a BIG dream for their life be able to start it with clarity and confidence? If you answered yes book in your Free 30 Minute Discovery Call and we can see if this is a great fit to move forward in.


You know that handy dandy list of excuses you have for NOT doing that thing, that thing that keeps nudging at you to do…yeah, you know what I’m talking about. May I ask, what more proof do you need? We can get so tunnel visioned you know? Sometimes I think we believe that as an individual we are the only person on the planet. Especially when we are confronted with the idea that we could actually follow our dreams! The audacity of that, “I’m just one person, what could I possibly do?”

Serious eye brow raise happening here. That’s your reason? Or what about this one…”I don’t have anything to offer, why would anyone want to listen to me?” Again, seriously. Uh-huh, that is excuse central and fear-based thinking talking. That’s actually not you talking. That voice is your past, your fear, your worries, mistrust issues, lack of belief, lack of courage, lack of self-worth and a vast misunderstanding of just how vast and CONNECTED this little planet actually is.

That voice right there can not only be managed quite effectively but you can definitely bust through some of that stuff with not as much trouble as you might be thinking. Want proof?

Have you ever heard of: Wes Chapman, Jenna Galbut, Susan Sly, Patrick-Bet David, Isaac Lidsky, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Jake Solomon and I could seriously name so many more! These amazing people alone have dealt with poverty, political threats, death of parents, unfaithful spouses, molestation at a vile degree, physical, emotional, mental abuse, homelessness, drug addiction, alcoholism, crappy teachers and even worse crappy therapists and yet somehow all are incredibly successful in life and in entrepreneurship. And that is probably the smallest list ever of the hundreds of thousands that have their own stories of overcoming severe adversity.

What more proof do you need? What makes you more special than the people mentioned and the stories that they share? You have unique gifts, skills and it is true, no one can be you the way that you can be you but are your excuses for not creating the life that you truly want to BE living justifiable enough?

We operate at a fraction of what we are capable of and designed for. There is no limit to our human potential. Isn’t that amazing? You are part of an incredible network of systems and beliefs that are all rooting for you to succeed.

It is not the requirement of anyone to live into their full potential (and truthfully, we never get to that point but the journey sure is fun). Listen, it will easily be one of the hardest journeys you will ever take, if you do ever decide to do that nudging sort of thing but I can assure you with every ounce of confidence in my body and soul it will be your life’s work and doing that, really going all in on that is the greatest gift you can give yourself, me and the other 6 Billion people on our planet.

Decide today to amaze yourself.







Are you ready to listen to the nudging? Did this post stir something up in your heart and soul and you just have to find out just how good it can actually be? If there is a resounding YES in your head right now book yourself in for a Free Discovery Call and let’s create our own living proof story. XO

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Alright lovely, for real. This is a big deal so listen up, pay close attention because I am about to share with you a crazy truth bomb. One that when you hear you will know to be true but it will be so simple you are going to want to fight it, resist it, tell it off and create some sort of challenge that is not even there around it. Let the words be the words and let them heal your soul. Trust that it can be simple that the only challenge in knowing the truth are the obstacles that we form around it. Release the resistance.

Let’s do this. I have been reading this freakishly great book. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, raving fan over here. The beginning of the book is hard core and right to the point with truth bombs exploding all over the place. Just when  you think it is ending and you are ready to level up and start applying all of the greatness stored within this super-easy to read book he starts taking you on this whole spiritual journey that has birthed this incredible truth inside my mind and heart that I have to share with you.

I have to share this because I can see that so many of you are still struggling. Still living with this intense amount of pain and weight on your shoulders that I believe will be relieved after this post. Especially for those that BELIEVE there is a calling on their life. That there is a gentle whisper saying, “Now, now is the time to rise and walk in your greatness.” You can feel this sweetness right? Like a lullaby for the soul. BUT, and this is where the freedom will be coming, you feel like you have this intense responsibility with this calling right? Like if you don’t get it 100% right you will let SO many people down. And that thought alone stops you in your tracks. It is time for your BreakThrough. 

Listen up, is it possible that I have not unlocked my purpose at all? Perhaps, I have become willing to collaborate with the Divine. Can you feel this? Seriously, let’s dig deeper.

All this time, the weight of thinking this is all up to us is gone right? There is so much comfort in realizing this isn’t all up to us. The force that is greater than me is playing a BIG part in this…and in fact, it is quite possible that the Divine is playing THE part in all of it. Meaning all we must become is a willing vessel. Meaning, anyone can do this. Meaning, you are free from the weight of caring too much. You are free from the outcome and can detach from the expectations completely. All that is expected of you is a willingness. 

Please tell me that this is sending you into a happy dance! Purpose is simple. Purpose is in our existence already. It is the TRUST and the DO. I get super-peeved at those who trust with all their heart and then sit on their greatness waiting for their miracle when we know the miracle happens in the do. There is no separation from us and the Divine. These forces are always collaborating with us. Remove the ego from the equation which in tangible form means stop worrying, overthinking, overwhelming, controlling and start trusting and doing.

How can you start applying this truth to your life right now? 

  1. For real, stop worrying about all the people you believe are counting on you. They aren’t, they’re counting on the Divine (God, Universe, Allah, whatever you can relate to). So release the need to feel responsible for them and start focusing on what you are willing to do.
  2. Ask yourself, what am I willing to do? And then let the answers come to you and when they do resist the need to overcomplicate it. 
  3. Start trusting and doing. Trust yourself, trust your gifts, trust your skills. They are already present inside of you. Take your mad skills and start applying them to something. It doesn’t matter what you apply them to, as long as you start doing it.

Each step is a step towards your purpose and no, it is not going to be a perfect beginning but at least it will be your beginning and that is so much better than doing nothing. What are you willing to do?





Are you ready to take it to a new level? Are you tired of knowing you are meant for so much more but there are obstacles that are preventing you from taking that next step? We can crush this and I know how. The solutions are simple, schedule in your Free Discovery Call and let’s get chatting.