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And Just Like That

And just like that, she changed. It was as if she had discovered a new world to live in but physically, she never moved. She changed her I N S I D E S . Her heart no longer felt constricted. Her mind no longer bought into the torment. Her soul, the compass of her […]

Willing to Change Course

I do believe we must explore passion in a way that terrifies us. A good scare, the scare that reminds us we have air in our lungs and we might as well do something with the breaths we’ve been given. We must be willing to come to a crashing halt on what we will no […]

She Chose to be the Muse

And so she became the muse. She started to decorate her life with all the elements of joy. She was not blind to the sorrow, the pain, the ache in the world. She chose to be light. She chose to understand shadow. She chose to create the world she desired to live in within her, […]

Wild Woman

You can’t tame her. If you’re lucky, You’ll catch a glimpse of her fire. If you know how to ride the inevitable waves that will come crashing all around you just by spending time with her you are in for a wild ride. She is part of the breath of the great design of creation. […]

Be Curious

Be curious about who you are.  Be curious about what you want to do in the world. Be curious about the legacy you want to leave behind. Be curious about how you want others to talk about you.  Be curious about your words and what others will read. Be curious about what it means for […]

And So…She Settled

And so she settled in. Not settled down. Not settled for. Settled in. Into the rhythm of her heart. Into the beat of her drum. Into the current of her vibrations. Gently cocooning all that had come. Tenderly caressing all that was new within her. All that was healing. All that was being let go. […]

Let it Drop

Whatever it is or was, Let it drop. Whatever felt tight and strained, Let it drop. Whatever caused breath to be held, Let it drop. Whatever was not meant to be carried, Let it drop. Whatever became a burden, Let it drop. Whatever cannot be undone, Let it drop. Whatever was held unto for survival, […]


And so you must rise. Unshackled and All exploratory. Captive only to what the mind sees as limitation but, the sweet heart knows otherwise. This incredible dance of soul and light, in the Universe and also from within. The expansive oneness. The current of all life force and you, the vessel, ready to dance, Ready […]

Breaking the Cycle of Shame

“I mean fuck Mark, do you get off on this or something?” Words…words…the power of words. Before I knew it I wrote it and it slipped out of my hands and onto a most irritating person. Now, some of you reading this may be like, ‘Cassie, how could you say that? You write the most […]

Entrepreneurialism Isn’t For the Box Cake Eaters.

Seriously, my clients are smarter than me. Every woman I have worked with is dazzlingly brilliant. I don’t know how they do it. We work on some serious life stuff …fears, doubts, self-limiting beliefs, past wounds, current choices and in what seems like no time at all they’re doing there thing and totally rocking it! […]