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Her Art of Surrender

It is time to celebrate beautiful souls! This past year I decided to take my writing to a whole new level but I didn’t do it alone! I became a lead author and with the support of family and friends and my incredible publishing company, Goldenbrick Road Publishing House, and the nineteen women who graciously […]

My Body is a Celebration

My body is a celebration. It is not a playground for feasting eyes. It is my sovereign right to love, adorn, and play with her. My body is the essence of life. Of life creating within itself. A system of divine remembrance and safety from harm. My body is not open unless permission has been […]

Heart Space

And so I will place my hand here, On my chest, I will feel my beat. I will feel the space. I will speak sweetly to my heart, I will tell her it is better to know than to pretend. Even if the knowing brings the aches. I will create a shield of discernment for […]

How Do You Find Your Writing Voice?

I work with female entrepreneurs who plan to write non-fiction spiritual or self-help books with meaning and intention. Have you read Rise Sister Rise, To Be Soul Do Soul, You Are a Badass, Big Magic, you know what books I’m talking about then? Books written by women for women who believe anything is possible and […]

Believe in the Rhythm of Your Soul

And just like that, she didn’t need to be seen. She didn’t need the acknowledgment, The looks, likes or loves. She felt within herself the truth that her time had come. She was energy and like the flowers she passed on her daily walks, She blossomed whether anyone cared or not. She blossomed because she […]

Three Things Writers’ Do that Creates Writers’ Block

#writerslife consists of: Coffee/Lattes/Tea Divine downloads/staring at a screen praying for the words to flow / binge watching fav movies instead of writing battling the voices of inadequacy / feeling overwhelmed about all that has to be done / dreaming of the day you hold your book in your hands Let’s call this series of blogs, […]

Be Heard

BE HEARD//. It is important to be heard, It is important to let your voice clash and resound and expand from within your cells. It is important to speak as if thunder were coming from your very vocal chords. Be heard. This phrase washes over you because for too long silence was your refuge, Stifling […]

Check In With Your Vision

I have to create it, I can’t fit into someone else’s creation. Only through the process of creating can I feel my way through the system. What does this mean? Boredom, the dreaded word that is often scoffed at by the highly productive but this emotion, is gold. It is a clear indication that something […]