The time is now,

The time has come.

You are a part of the Universe’s design.

“…because I am walking in my truth and purpose there will be a ripple effect of souls on fire for their lives that will extend so far from me it will shape our world in unimaginable ways.”

Hi, I’m Cassie Jeans, writer, healer, intuitive, speaker, creator. I’ve been featured in Elephant Journal, HuffPost, Rebelle Society, Colibri Digital Marketing, and currently leading two books with forty women that are being published by Golden Brick Road Publishing House.

I am the creator of the podcast, In the Bedroom w/ Cassie Jeans, words that awaken the soul. This podcast is lit and divine and embodies so much of who I am it is the most fun I have had with my business in years.

I am a multi-faceted entrepreneur and do not like to be caged or stifled into one way of sharing my essence and mission.

My writing creates safe places for others. My words cocoon the soul. My presence heals.

Thank you for spending time here getting to know a little bit about me,

Sealed with light,


Cassie Jeans is committed to bringing words of divine inspiration into this world. She desires to call people out of darkness and embody their Soul.


To change lives through the power of words, spoken, written and thought.

Cassie believes that through the power of writing ones story, listening to one’s soul, and taking aligned action towards our passion we contribute to peace, love and to global healing one lit up soul at a time.

Light Language

Pure language. Downloads. Inspired words. Soul words. Speaking in tongues. Direct connection to Divine Love, God (or the name you associate infinite source of wisdom, love, creation with).

Light language is a healing gift for the speaker and the listener.

It is proof that we are so much more than our physical form.

I was first blessed with this gift during my teenage years. At the time I didn’t know what to do with it and in the religious institution I was with at the time there was support but amongst the community as a whole there seemed to be a mixture of fear and hesitation around it as well.

Naturally, I forgot all about this connection as I grew older and busier with the buzz and expectations of what I should be doing with my life.

This past year, as I have continued to listen to the rhythms from within my heart and soul I found myself walking by the lake one day and this language poured through me with the sweetest remembrance.

I believe that there is a reason why the words that I write and speak are so soothing to the Soul and I believe that there is a connection to this language especially in the moments of divine inspiration when my pen writes and I feel every word spoken through me.

I share this with you for two purposes. One, to acknowledge the higher source. God, Universe, Mother Earth, the mysteries of the multiverse and the sacred connection we all feel when we open our hearts to the miracle of life. And two, to give thanks and gratitude to this gift. So much of what I write heals others and I know, Light language facilitates so much, if not all of that.