My Body is a Celebration

My body is a celebration.
It is not a playground for feasting eyes.
It is my sovereign right to love, adorn, and play with her.
My body is the essence of life.
Of life creating within itself.
A system of divine remembrance and safety from harm.
My body is not open unless permission has been granted.
My body is not to be touched without consent.
My body is resilient and brave and courageous.
My body is soft and warm and delicate.
Shame has no place within me.
Guilt does not hold ground here.
My body was gifted to me first.
My body should be explored by me first.
My body is not for taking.
She is mine and I am hers and this is a sacred union.
She is not there to heal the broken and ill-intentioned.
She is not there to be cracked open.
My body is my souls home.
My body is my souls home.
My body is my souls home…
And this is divine.
Sealed with tears,
– Cassie Jeans

Why sealed with tears? I think it’s all sinking in. I will open with, I have never been sexually assaulted, harassed yes, assaulted no…I recognize I am a minority with that statement, how appalling is that? I am a witness to the women who share with me what has happened to them. I hold space for them as they tell me about the violations against their body. I sit either in person or on a zoom call and I listen, I listen, I listen…and the pain of what they share with me never diminishes, the horror and the depth of their agony never lightens. It never becomes, “ok.” It only ever intensifies with – this will not continue. This will not go on. There is never a circumstance that condones an assault like this. This violates our human rights. 

I want our generation to be the last to share these stories. I want our lineage of men to see women like the divine embodiment they are and I know they can see this because I know men who see women this way and it is so beautiful, so whole, so pure. But men, we need your voice in this. Just as much as we raise our own, we need you to say something behind closed doors when your buddies make a sexually objectifying comment that demoralizes the sanctity of our existence. We need you to speak from your heart the way men can, we need you to share the stories on your feeds and not just scroll by them thinking this doesn’t affect you because it does. We need our young boys to hear you talking about this, enraged about this, speaking words that empower these young men to think differently about their existence so they can experience the joy of truly appreciating a woman.

Men, use your voice.

To my dear sisters, I am sorry for what pierced you. I am sorry that when you told someone they didn’t believe you. I am sorry you carried this shame inside of you for so long. I am sorry you thought this was your fault. I am sorry the systems did not help you. 

To every woman who has publically shared about her assault, rape, harassment, thank you. You all deserve a medal of honor. It is never easy hitting the post button about violation…it is never easy speaking on stage and going back to the event when your body was ripped open…it is never easy testifying against someone who you thought was “the one.”

To every woman who has shared privately, you deserve a medal of honor as well. Privately sharing your story takes the same courage. You never know if it will go well. What if you aren’t believed (again)? What if you are shamed? The risk is so high under all of these circumstances.

So what do we do? 

We keep feeling.
We keep speaking.
We keep loving.
We keep marching.
We keep believing.
We keep asking.
We keep demanding.
We keep sharing.
We keep breathing.

Women have every right to feel safe. This is not a hard concept to understand but it will take a unified response from women and men. Old paradigms of thought must come to an end and they begin with us right here and now. It is time to question within ourselves how we first respond to sexual assault. It is time to hold one another accountable for what is permissible when it comes to the treatment of women. Our bodies are ours and ours alone. We have every right to claim sovereignty over our bodies.

Please share this message as it speaks to you. #enoughisenough   

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