How Do You Find Your Writing Voice?

I work with female entrepreneurs who plan to write non-fiction spiritual or self-help books with meaning and intention. Have you read Rise Sister Rise, To Be Soul Do Soul, You Are a Badass, Big Magic, you know what books I’m talking about then? Books written by women for women who believe anything is possible and want to inspire others to do the same.


The question is, why haven’t you written your book already? I know why. Time, creative flow, direction, doubt, not clear about what your writing voice actually is yet, accountability (that’s a big one). And the usual, fear of the unknown. I don’t know how many times I hear my lovely fempreneurs say, “Oh my gosh, I am so writing my book this year!” And the year passes and there may have been a solid attempt at writing it but the reality is, like most big things we want to do in life, without having someone there to guide the process of a super big undertaking like writing a book, the words will stay lost inside of you until you decide to take this seriously.


How do you find your writing voice? I’m totally giving you the no BS answer. You write. Ugh…I know, not what you wanted to hear right? But it’s the truth! If you aren’t writing I’m shaking my head and thoughtfully thinking to myself, ‘A writer who doesn’t write, yep, that’s not going to work.’


So what do you do about it? Ready for more non-BS, hehe…you hire a writing coach. Another not-so-glamorous approach to writing! Writing can be magical and touched by divine inspiration yet it is also structural, technical, systematic. I teach you how to show up for yourself in this process and tap into the divine nature of your voice it is freaky. What do you really want to say that you aren’t’ saying? What is locked away inside of your voice? Why aren’t you writing your heart out? What is up with the writer’s block? Yep, all of that mixed with a lot of love and fierce intuition.


Please, don’t write another one of those super lame “free ebooks” that everyone has done and create something meaningful with your words. At the heart of why I do this is because I love words, because books changed my life, and because if I can help a woman tap into her writing voice in a way that strikes a chord with other women and maybe even lands her a publishing deal which means more of humanity is impacted by soul work then I know I am fulfilling a part of my gifting.


So how does this whole process work? Excellent question! We start with a curiosity call to see if you and I can dance baby! Do we jive? Do I understand you? Is your vision for your book viable? All of that will happen in a 20-minute call you can book here. At the end of the call if we are totally vibing and you are ready to dive into this process I will let you know about the investment to do this with me and set up your account to start booking in your creative calls so you can get on track to actually writing your book!


This will be fun I assure you and also heart-opening, tearful, full-on spirit-vibing and sisterhood creating, and even raw and painful on all levels! Writing is like a mirror to the soul, wounded and whole.





Not looking to write a book but you would still love to tap into your writing voice? Watch for a new writing class I have coming up about how to use journal prompts to open up your writing voice. Releasing soon!

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This is the low down from Sarah Swain – host.


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