Heart Space

And so I will place my hand here,
On my chest,
I will feel my beat.
I will feel the space.
I will speak sweetly to my heart,
I will tell her it is better to know than to pretend.
Even if the knowing brings the aches.
I will create a shield of discernment for my heart,
Strong but fragile and carried in my own hands first so that I know what she likes.
And as I listen to the pulse beneath my hand I know what she craves.
Sensual, kind, interactions.
I assure her, it is safe to stay open and it is her right.
Hearts close too swiftly these days and words are said from fear and pain.
My heart would rather be alive than broken.
Sealed with light,
– Cassie Jeans

My heart would rather be alive than broken – always. What does it mean to be alive? What does the pulse underneath the cavern of our chest symbolize? Why do we say things like, write your heart out? When our heart aches we feel it. As women, we are told to protect our bodies, to cover up, to make sure we aren’t being suggestive with our clothes because our bodies must be shielded from men? Predators?

But what of our hearts? What would happen if we taught women about the strength and fragility of what lies within her body? The current of her electricity, the beat, the drum as a part of her expanse. A woman’s heart must be known to her first. No one is required to understand what our heart craves if we are still trying to figure it out. In fact, this can be a dangerous game to play. Placing our heart in someone else’s hands before we understand the rhythm of this feeling-organ opens us up to giving our responsibility and power to another who cannot cherish the gift that this is.

More importantly than the body, is a woman’s heart.

The only reason we close off our heart is because of fear. Fear that we can’t trust ourselves, fear that we can’t trust others, fear that keeping our heart open may mean we no longer reflect what we thought we could reflect in order to stay safe. When we know what our heart loves, we know what we say yes to and what we say no to. When our heart is thrown out like a net seeing what it can trap it will bring in great experiences and experiences that bring us to our knees in pain. When we cast our heart out knowing what we have attached to the line, knowing what we draw into ourselves because we know what we are craving and securely longing for, we will only receive and attract what is aligned. 

That is the power of discernment and that my luv, comes with time and dedication. Time spent on learning the nuances of your heartbeat. Dedication towards the journey of your sovereign awakening. Do not rush this. Do not cast out the net if you are not clear on what you want to draw into yourself. Keep your heart open and use a shield of discernment as you cast out the line. 

A few questions you can ask yourself to guide you as you learn to connect with your heart are.

  1. Am I clear on what my heart (soul desire) is craving?
  2. Have I given myself time to connect to my heart whisperings? Do I recognize the sound of my soul?
  3. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), how much trust do I have in myself to protect my heart?
  4. What do I know I have to be more discerning about when it comes to opening and sharing my heart?

Write these out and answer them. Ask a trusted friend who is kind and soulfully understands you if any of the questions feel foggy. It is so important to know this about yourself and sometimes, the answers that come back aren’t super pretty but they’re real and honest and can steer us towards the most beautiful gift of self-love. Being in sync with your heart and exercising your right to self-worth will open up the doors for open heart experiences that fuel you instead of close you off to the beauty of love.

Writing is incredible for opening up your heart and learning how to listen to the soul whispers. Writing Coaching can help with this especially when there is an intuitive element to the sessions. Last week I had two conversations with clients that really stood out because of how powerful and eye-opening they were for my client. My style of coaching isn’t only for women who want to write a book. Writing Coaching with me is about connecting your voice, the one that wants to speak but is blocked because there is too much going on in the mind. One call can open up a world of words within you. To begin working with me and experiencing your own intense life transformation send me a message to hello@cassiejeans.com and fill me in on what’s happening in your life and why you want to speak your mind and express your words with your heart. 


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