Willing to Change Course

I do believe we must explore passion in a way that terrifies us. A good scare, the scare that reminds us we have air in our lungs and we might as well do something with the breaths we’ve been given.

We must be willing to come to a crashing halt on what we will no longer tolerate and we must, we must be willing to change course.

To change direction takes a great deal of courage.
To sit with the thoughts of what could have been is worse though.

Sit still today. And in that stillness ask for courage, strength, perseverance, determination, patience, and a never-ending supply of imagination.

This is the fuel that we have access to.
This is the call of the creative and the Wild.

To live every breath as if it were a song and celebration.

Sealed with light,
By: Cassie Jeans

Let that fire settle into the heart and the soul. There is a reason why there has to be a sense of urgency and patience in everything we do. An urgency to propel us forward, patience to see it through. Last night on my podcast, In the Bedroom, I talked about vision and remembrance. To know that something is truly possible and can be created from your hands, your lips, your mind, your words, your eyes, your body. 

If you think of the way we are designed it is one of the most beautiful realizations to recognize that within yourself, there is a set of creative tools. Our literal bodies are designed to express our soul through the medium that we choose. Meaning, the human experience is to create and innovate and to explore all that is within and all that is outside of our body/mind/heart/soul.

Is that not the most exciting thing ever? To see yourself as part of creation and not just something that was created? To see yourself as an element of the great design and in your very presence, you reflect out into the world what you believe is possible. We are all walking testimonies of our beliefs. And that one may sting a little if right now there is a feeling that, “I’m not living up to something…this isn’t going right…why does this keep happening…will I ever get there?” 

Check in with your beliefs. This is something I have to do time and time again. My son is a great reminder and nudges me beyond my limitations because of the way he dreams. When he shares with me what he wants to create I must hold the space for infinite belief in all that is possible. This is a sacred gift he is giving me, his desires are no joke and it is important that as parents, teachers, caregivers, grandparents, we do not project our limitations upon them. Even if we think it protects them, it does not. It only stifles what they innately know is possible and this may be the very reason why the phrase, we are all walking testimonies of our beliefs, stings. At some point, someone, something, an experience taught you to go against what you knew was innately possible and ever since then, maybe you have been trying to adapt into someone that isn’t really your truth?

Give yourself permission to express your truth. I am sure there is a soul nudge happening in your life right now.  As it says above:

Sit still today. And in that stillness ask for courage, strength, perseverance, determination, patience, and a never-ending supply of imagination.

You are love(d).

Sealed with light,




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Thank you for sharing the space here. xoxo

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