Be Heard

It is important to be heard,
It is important to let your voice clash and resound and expand from within your cells.
It is important to speak as if thunder were coming from your very vocal chords.
Be heard.

This phrase washes over you because for too long silence was your refuge,
Stifling your insides from growing but this kept you alive and safe until…now.

Until now in this very moment, you feel the chords loosen.
You hear the words in your head bubble up, you feel your senses wrap themselves around your words and this time, there is a command in the tone of your voice.

This time, the quiver is replaced with a calm assurance from within.
This time, the wildness within you is leading, this time, intuition Herself is speaking.
This time, the words flow.

Take delight in this expanse dear one.
Beloved, you are home.

Sealed with light,

I have had many conversations with women about this topic and so many of us refer to this as ‘coming home to oneself.’ This feeling is one of the sweetest ones we can experience because on many levels it means we have made peace with who we are. The fight to fit into something has gone and instead of the internal struggle of feeling voiceless, we start to recognize our own power.

We see that so much of what we were holding onto for fear of being seen will ultimately be the very thing that frees us from the walls of protection we formed around our gifts, our voice, our sensuality, our bodies, our desires, our dreams, our sovereignty.

Whatever the gifts are that dwell within us is something we can trust wholeheartedly. No matter what was ever spoken into our lives, we have full permission to step boldly towards the longing of our hearts, towards the passion for living that brings us out of despair and into light. This coming home is rooted in intuition.

The feeling that something is off isn’t an accident. The feeling of mundane living is like a cautionary flag placed out in bodies of water to let swimmers know about what is happening with the tide. Trying to swim over shallow water can leave you bumped and bruised, bleeding, and scarred. Why continue to succumb to this environment? What is the benefit? The benefit is often familiarity and fear. Fear to swim somewhere new, fear of letting go of the story that tells us to stay small. It is easy to talk ourselves out of trying something new and unfamiliar. Really question the environment that surrounds you right now. Challenge the truth of what you are currently living in. Does it line up with your soul?

As we enter into our own full and divine expression there is an automatic ripple effect that rises in others. Sometimes, this ripple creates love and longing in another person to also begin to participate fully in their own life, their own gifts. Other times this effect creates jealousy and bitterness, the desire to rise is there but mixed with it is the disbelief that it is possible and so, instead of support sometimes the reaction comes from that person’s connection to their self-worth. Both though are blessed. Both create space for choice and if the ripples you are creating are presenting a choice to another this is a good thing no matter the way it is being expressed in someone else’s life.

Be heard. What do you long to say? To stand for? What would it feel like to fully express yourself? 

You are love(d).

Beginning August 1 I will be working closely with a client and will be her inline/intuitive editor. We have monthly 1:1 calls set for the next 5 months and a goal to finish a 30,000-word book by December.

It took five minutes to figure out a daily system that would allow her to continue her full-time work, take time for important self-care/healing, and still meet her deadlines.

Instead of saying “I want to write a book,” and then going it alone she chose to bring me into her realm of genius and allow me to share my intuitive editing gifts.

A book is not a solo project. It takes a lot of eyes, people who are in your corner and at the same time people who are willing to say when something works and when it just flat out doesn’t.

I love editing. I’m freaky good at it and I am continuing to dig deep into what publishers want, how to put together book proposals, and what can be done while you are writing that showcases you as an author people want to follow.

I’m not afraid to say it like it is and also, hold space for the courage it takes to share stories that are often vulnerable pieces of people’s lives.

Currently, I can take in 3 writers at a time for this service. If you want to have a mentor/intuitive editor/passionate leader holding space and guiding the writing process for you intimately let me know. There are only two spots available to start with me in August.

Send me a message here and we can connect on a call. You are loved and infinitely supported.  #spiritualediting


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