And Just Like That

And just like that, she changed.
It was as if she had discovered a new world to live in but physically, she never moved.

She changed her I N S I D E S .

Her heart no longer felt constricted.
Her mind no longer bought into the torment.
Her soul, the compass of her life, was no longer silenced.
She was as wild as the wind and the rivers.
She was warm, like earth when it has been touched by the sun.
She softened into her inner strength and wisdom.
She stopped resisting herself, her calling, her wild.
She became what she had been looking for and discovered…

…she was absolutely divine.

Sealed with light,




It seems change is on the horizon. This is the second time my blog has been about change, though this time, the leap has been taken. Beautiful people, the change you seek for your life begins from within. It bubbles in the heart and eventually, as you allow the bubbling to grow, it permeates the mind. The heart and soul know, the mind needs convincing. That will always be the hardest part. Asking your mind to be still and allowing your soul to lead the way.

That is why meditation or prayer can be so vital for one’s soul journey and fulfillment of dreams and desires. It slows the limitation and fear of the mind long enough for the voice within you to speak. And speak she will. She has a lot to say, the wisdom within.

Like the sweetest interaction possible, there is an infinite reservoir of ideas, inspiration, art, words, prose, shapes, drawings, languages, just waiting to come through. And guess what? They want to come through you! That is the exciting part.

The changing of the insides is pure freedom. We carry habits with us that don’t serve us at all. When we can recognize that so much of our life is just a series of habits we have the power to stop this form of madness and choose a more aligned way to live life. What habitual thoughts do you continue to participate in? How much power are you giving these thoughts? What would it feel like if you questioned these thoughts and from the perspective of, “I am living this life,” what would you change about these thoughts? 

The design of anything in life begins on the inside.

What are your insides craving for you?


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Love always,



Photo by: Sara Tanner


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