Wild Woman

You can’t tame her.
If you’re lucky,
You’ll catch a glimpse of her fire.
If you know how to ride the inevitable waves that will come crashing all around you just by spending time with her you are in for a wild ride.

She is part of the breath of the great design of creation.
She is the wind that prickles the hair on your arms.
She is the wild you hear at night.
She is the restless desire of your heart and soul.
She is the current of awakening that longs to rise.
She is a fury of consciousness and limits mean nothing to her.

Watch as the world catches fire all around her.
Watch as the refining begins when the chains of disbelief are broken.

She is a mighty force of light and dark.
An intricate web of intuition and instinct.
Wild Women,
It’s time to howl.

Sealed with fire,
By: Cassie Jeans

Inspired by the next book that I will be leading about the Wild Feminine. The mix of intuition and instinct is something I am still exploring. I would say it is a feeling of coming home to something ancient. Something that as women, we have always had but it’s been chipped away at. It’s been proven unworthy by years of being in a submissive, second place role and as we continue to rise up with respect for our own sex, we teach one another how we want to be treated as well as the men who are open to understanding the desire of, wild woman. 

Even as I write, I know I don’t have a pulse on this completely but I don’t have to know, I give myself permission to feel my way through this. (this is intuition and instinct)

I think of a woman’s body…it is so beautiful. So many trails to follow, so much flow and rhythm she has in her walk alone. For too long women have been shamed for their sensuality yet, this sensuality is a gift we have been given for being born a woman and one we must honour yes, and also play with. 

There is a heat to this poem, a passion, a mystery, even a current of power and boundary. There is also an urgency to wake up to this archetype that is within every woman. She is a woman that requires her partner to run alongside her not to outrun her, but to challenge her in a soulful, penetrating way. To know when to let her loose and when to stay in stride. The more I understand this nature and learn about our history as women who were, burned alive for being healers (also deemed witches), drowned, silenced, belittled (for having a mind of our own), seen as weak, shamed for our sex, categorized into roles, stripped of our right to choose how we birth, adopting a masculine energy in work environments, some of us never even learning about our periods and the sacredness of our cycle, and the list goes on. All of us, experiencing this invocation away from what we naturally want to draw towards. This is not to blame anyone or anything, all will be at peace one day.

I write this because the words that pour out of me deeply resonate with women in an awakening way. I don’t know the entire reason why this call to the wild is so strong within me but I do know, I am not the only one who feels this. It is as if a mighty siren is going off in our hearts and our souls and we are running together now, instead of running apart. 

There is shelter in the remembrance of our souls.

A book I would recommend to read if you are curious to delve deeper into wild woman and how it may be calling you is, Women Who Run with the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. It is my favourite book. It is one that helped me understand my rhythm, my current, my sovereignty, my flow. I adore this book.

Lots of love,




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