She Chose to be the Muse

And so she became the muse.
She started to decorate her life with all the elements of joy.
She was not blind to the sorrow, the pain, the ache in the world.
She chose to be light.
She chose to understand shadow.
She chose to create the world she desired to live in within her,
and from here, she poured out.
She chose to see her life differently.
She chose to remember all the gifts she had been blessed with.
She chose to run towards the life she craved,
Instead of the shame, or guilt, or the lack that had once held her back.
She chose to believe in the whispers of her soul,
And remember the words that were promised to her long ago.
She chose to dance with magic again,
She chose to open her hands to healing again,
She chose to open her mouth to speak again,
She chose to liberate her body, her mind, heart, and soul.
She chose herself as the muse,
Exquisitely created.
The nectar of earth.
A potent delight.
A powerful current of change.
Stepping daily into her-becoming.
Sealed with light,
By: Cassie Jeans

I feel as if something significant is shifting within me. Like I am about to come crashing unto the shore with only my naked body to wash upon the sand with. I feel like I am being asked to create more, to care less (not about loving the world), more so about what anyone might conjure to think. I feel as if I am being asked to dive deeper, to go into, to surrender and to make a stand for what I alone can do.

I feel it is time to embrace my entire essence and also, to remember to be giddy and human, and laugh a lot. 

It is time to usher in the saints to guide me. To ask for holy love to whisper to me. To remember the name in my name, Magdalena, a sisterhood of connection and infinite wisdom. And all within these meanderings I hear in my voice so strongly, “Cassie, it’s time to just not give a fuck.”

This message is for me, and it is also for you. The energy of healing is running swiftly through our world, no wonder there are so many wounds. Remember this, the circle, the loop, the threading. We come around time and time again, facing the same hurdles, the same obstacles. This life is as much individual as it is a part of the entirety of the Universe.

Remember, you were born with all your giftings. Don’t let your environment dictate what you know in your heart. This isn’t a time for silence unless it is for reflection and to tune into the Soul. This is a time to speak, to be heard, and to speak again even if no one is listening. They will, we will. Feel free to fumble your way through this part. Learning to trust your intuition again is a practice and one that never seeks perfection. Remember this, you are not alone.

And so it is.






I have a surprise for you. You are one of the first readers to have this link. I have been recording my podcast, it isn’t polished but it is raw and real, and beautiful. It is called, In the Bedroom with Cassie Jeans, words that awaken the soul. Give it a listen, share it with your friends if it resonates, I am planning for this to do exactly what it is created to do.


(Photography for this post by: Sara Tanner)

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