Be Curious

Be curious about who you are. 
Be curious about what you want to do in the world.
Be curious about the legacy you want to leave behind.
Be curious about how you want others to talk about you. 
Be curious about your words and what others will read.
Be curious about what it means for you to be alive.
Be curious about your noise. 
Be curious about where your voice will take you. 
Be curious about what this life is going to be like. 
And then live your life from there. 🔥

Sealed with passion,
By: Cassie Jeans

Straight from my IG account @cassie_mjeans. I had the privilege of doing a live Q&A with Sarah Swain, founder of Life Intentionally movement and we had a blast. As we were speaking this poetic rift came out of me when she asked the epic question, “What do you want to leave our listeners with today? What is the one piece of advice/encouragement you would give them?” And before she finished the question I knew what was coming out of me.

The statement, Be Curious, has been my secret sauce of passion, has created some incredible opportunities, and has allowed me to tap into my highest joy on more than one occasion. Ah! I get so fired up when I watch the thirsty settle for droplets of water from the well that only knows how to overflow with abundance. I mean, there is a vastness to this Universe that leaves scientists in awe of its mystery. Can we actually afford the audacity to believe this is all there is? That there is no kinetic energy happening in every interaction. That when we grace our feet on the grass we walk upon we don’t think there is a direct energy transfer happening in this. That when we’re really listening to another person’s story we are not interacting with the divine healing of love and connection. We are within everything and everything is within us and this, this is not something to fear. This is something to be in awe of. That the same force of life that sparked creation also breathes life into the soul and our soul breathes life into our body, into our hands, into the words that flow out of us. 

 We are not the supreme. We are not the only conscious creatures on our own planet let alone the multiverses. This message comes as a call to feel our way through our day and our lives. Nobody owes us anything, we have been greatly provided for. What do we want to do with our provisions? What is possible for all of humanity when we let our gifts lead us? If at any moment you believe you have nothing to offer that is one of the greatest lies concealed as the perfect reason to never try. I’m sorry, but you deserve far more than that. You deserve to live your life with passion and purpose abandoning all concepts of limitation.

Imagine what would happen if we all got a little more curious.

“I wonder how that person is…*picksupthephone”
“Can you tell me more about that… *5minutehellobecomesagenuineconvo
“Where do you think that leads to… *discoveryofsecrethideout
“If you could create anything, what would you create… *artthatchangestheworld

As you embark on another day, don’t take the passion inside of you for granted. Pick up the pen, buy the paint, sign up for the course, tell the person ‘I love you,’ embrace the magic and believe, that when you begin the journey, the support will flow from all over. All you have to do is start.

Sealed with light,





Photo Credit to – Sara Tanner


For those who are reading who know they are being called to write more and share their work, you are more than welcome to apply to be a part of my next book. We are soulfully gathering stories and this next one is truly liberating and healing for the writers and those that will read this book. Apply here.

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