And So…She Settled

And so she settled in.
Not settled down.
Not settled for.
Settled in.
Into the rhythm of her heart.
Into the beat of her drum.
Into the current of her vibrations.
Gently cocooning all that had come.
Tenderly caressing all that was new within her.
All that was healing.
All that was being let go.
She settled into herself.
Fully embodying the ALL of her nature. 🙌🏼

Sealed with light,
By: Cassie Jeans

This is a message. This is one of those downloads that pours right out of me for a variety of reasons. This one, in particular, was inspired by a conversation with Angelica Jill Grace. She is one of the beautiful writers for my next book about the Wild Feminine and as we were talking about her chapter, I could feel my heart expand. 

Want to know where I was sitting during this convo? In the car dealership waiting for my brake pads to be replaced. Swoon right?

A gentle reminder. The place matters little when the company is so divine. (ooh…I’ll be quoting that elsewhere).

What does it feel like to drop into your body? What does it feel like to caress? What does it feel like to see yourself as the sensual being in your life? What would happen if you explored ALL of your being? Your vibrations, your current of electricity, your soulful, wild nature.

There are so many elements of our being that we think we cannot explore based on a projection that someone else has placed on us and that we have adopted as your own. Shatter. Resist normality. Surrender to your impulses. Decide. Choose. Rebel. Explore. 

We have been blessed with incredibly inquisitive minds. Hands that feel, that tantalize. Eyes that take in detail, texture, soul. Breath that serves more than just the purpose of taking in oxygen. I mean, we place our feet on the ground in the morning and if we give ourselves a moment to experience the texture below our feet we would immediately align with the life force within us. The FEELING part of our nature which would ultimately tap us into our own unique rhythm and expression for life.

Seriously, wriggle your feet right now wherever you are and feel the playfulness. What would happen if you paused before doing anything in the morning and literally felt the aliveness of your body? Do not forget about the vessel, it is the carrier of the Soul. When the vessel is blocked or deprived it creates a barrier to communicating with the spirit within. 

This message is about embracing the gift of being alive. Erotically alive. Soulfully alive. Shout in ecstasy alive! This message is about being who you are in all your essence and feeling really amazing about that. Nothing more required, no shows to put on. The full enjoyment of you being with you. 


All that has come has been to teach you.

All that is now is here for your enjoyment.

All that will be is up to you. 


Sending you an abundance of love and light,



Staying in the know:

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