And so you must rise.
Unshackled and
All exploratory.
Captive only to what the mind sees as limitation but,
the sweet heart knows otherwise.
This incredible dance of soul and light,
in the Universe and also from within.
The expansive oneness.
The current of all life force and you, the vessel, ready to dance,
Ready to feel,
Ready to embrace the soul from within.

Xo – Cassie Jeans


“And also from within.” Why does the within matter? We are not only physical. When we look within we look past the physical form of our bodies and we get into the matter, into the energy, into the nothing that is something.

When we allow ourselves to explore the vastness of our soul there are no longer limitations to what we can do/be in our physical form on this planet.

This requires a level of faith and trust that can make us uncomfortable if we are not used to seeing ourselves as infinite beings. This is also uncomfortable when we use control as a way to give our life meaning. 

Faith requires an act of surrender to that which is out of our control.

Trust requires us to lean into that which we cannot see but…we can feel.

The goosebumps, the chills, the tingling, the whispers, the nudges, the signs. Faith, trust, miracles.

Why would we try to box in any of the divine interactions of Universe/God/Source? There are no limitations, only the ones that are in our mind when we are seeing ourselves as either separate from abundance (low self-worth) or when we see ourselves as better than and able to control our life (ego).

Allow yourself to feel into your soul and lean into intuition.

This year I will be leading a group of women to write a book where we will share our stories about tapping back into intuition and instinct. In the meantime, if you are curious to explore this more I would recommend the book, Women Who Run with the Wolves. It is always by my side whenever I want to reignite the fire within me.

Lots of love beautiful souls.

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