Let it Drop

Whatever it is or was,
Let it drop.
Whatever felt tight and strained,
Let it drop.
Whatever caused breath to be held,
Let it drop.
Whatever was not meant to be carried,
Let it drop.
Whatever became a burden,
Let it drop.
Whatever cannot be undone,
Let it drop.
Whatever was held unto for survival,
Let it drop.
Whatever stifled growth and expansion,
Let it drop.

– Cassie Jeans

Over the next few months a book I have written with 19 other incredible women will be releasing. The title is Her Art of Surrender and this book is about letting go, releasing, trusting, letting “it” drop.

Why Surrender? Why let go? Why release? Why have we become attached and inspired by the concept of not holding on?

I think in order to answer that fully we have to see what were we holding onto in the first place and what role was it playing in our life?

The question we can lead with when trying to figure out what we no longer want to be attached to is an odd one but I believe it starts here: Do I know who I am?

Our identity is often linked to a role we are playing. (Not all roles are bad, the goal is authenticity). Self-examination brings us to the edge of freedom. Who am I? Why am I alive? What am I doing with my life? Who do I want to be? Who do I not want to be anymore? The question of surrender begins with connecting the identity of oneself with the realization that this is one of our grandest, most radical series of choices we will ever make for our life. In other words, it’s a big friggin deal.

I can see why some people get annoyed with the phrases, “let go”, “move on”, “God’s will be done,” “surrender.” The idea of letting go of something that you have identified with as part of who you are is terrifying. Letting go of love is excruciating. Moving on from something that gave purpose and meaning feels unknown. Thinking that it was divine will that “took” away a part of life that there was a deep attachment to is scary and can amplify the feeling of loneliness.

When we are attached to something or someone without knowing who we are letting go can feel impossible and often the act of surrender is not welcomed with open arms. Until we start to examine our lives from the observer perspective and take away the title, position, role, character and get to the core of, who am I when all I knew about my role is gone? What is underneath the surface? If I start digging into my story will I like what I see? Do I have value when I stand alone? Am I alone? Am I enough?

When we give ourselves permission to choose to live our life according to our truth and allow our stumbling blocks to be our lessons of rising into courageous living we discover that letting go is an act of trust and in this act of trust we open up doors in our life that were once closed and we begin to participate with the divine. We step into the role of creator. Actively participating in the weaving of our life.

We also are able to see clearly what must drop. Not, what can drop, what must drop in order for us to expand and rise to that which is joy, bliss, conscious delight and an intense amount of gratitude just to be alive! Let it drop comes from the realization that so much of what we hold onto isn’t for us to hold. We can choose and even better, we can trust that when we are in flow with our sacred work, our soul work, letting it drop is an act of kindness for ourselves and for humanity as a whole.

When we light up and live our lives in the pursuit of our passion the natural side-effect from that is the lighting up of other beautiful souls on the planet too.

What would feel really good to let drop today?

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Love always,

– Cassie Jeans


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