Entrepreneurialism Isn’t For the Box Cake Eaters.

Seriously, my clients are smarter than me. Every woman I have worked with is dazzlingly brilliant. I don’t know how they do it. We work on some serious life stuff …fears, doubts, self-limiting beliefs, past wounds, current choices and in what seems like no time at all they’re doing there thing and totally rocking it!

I mean, it blows me away to see how fast they are able to get right in there. What was once absolutely terrifying has now become one of their greatest strengths. For instance, Ana, my lovely soul sister from Mexico took my 6 Week Self-Worth ad Business Mindset Class a few weeks ago. She was terrified of doing Live Videos to promote her business. After the 6 weeks of class she was so certain in her mission and reason for wanting to have a business that made an impact she leveraged her fear and is now doing live videos daily!

She had to really dig deep to say yes to this class. We talked about it over messenger and had known each other for a while now and I could just tell that she really wanted to but money was a big obstacle.

Two of the biggest objections you will face with people who want to purchase from you are:

  1. Not enough money.
  2. Not enough time.

I’ll share with you the how these objections are linked to self-worth further down. Ana had a hard choice to make right?  I mean, I’ve been there! Looking at your bank account and looking at your dreams and going…”these two don’t line up here.”

The truth is, in the beginning they don’t. That’s why creating something from scratch is so hard. Entrepreneurialism isn’t for the box cake eaters. It’s super easy to go the store, buy the box of cake mix and in 25 minutes you’ve got a GMO filled sub standard cake right? But it satisfies the sweet tooth and if you top it with ice cream goes down pretty nicely.

But that’s not the cake you tell all your friends about right? It’s not the one that everyone asks you for the recipe for because they’re itching to make it too is it? Nope. The cake that everyone wants is the triple chocolate delight cake. The one that you have to go to three different stores to for all the ingredients.

The cake that requires patience and a process. It’s not all thrown into the same bowl. You have to use three bowls, tons of measuring spoons, the right mixer, the exact right pan and the temperature and position of the rack has to be exact in order to have the, “I want what she’s got” reaction from everyone in the room.

Guess what cake Ana wants? When she first started in my 6 Week Class she was scared to go live. Even though we could all see that she spoke so beautifully and truthfully, the first time I heard her speak I was like, “Oh my gosh…she is amazing. She has a gift here and I cannot wait to see her using it to its full potential.”

Watching her in her Masks Off FB Group showing up consistently, providing solutions, answering questions, doing the very thing that only a few weeks ago truly scared her is quite literally actually sharing the cake with the people that will love it the most.

She made my cake better. And I’m so down with that. If every woman I coach far surpasses me I will be truly happy and grateful. Why? Because I didn’t spend all this time, all this money, all this sourcing out of information to keep it all to myself.

I did this so I could share my gifts…so I could share my cake. (High five for awesome cake analogies right?!)

So why do people let money and time get in the way of what they truly want? What they dream about? Self-Worth. I know, I know…sounds like a long shot because we tend to think in logistics and realism. But truly, self-worth is the biggest reason why people let something like time and money get in the way of their life’s purpose.

If you believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that you might face serious adversity, quite possibly end up bankrupt, homeless, sleeping on a friends couch, that you would face ridicule and doubt from family and friends but in the end, you would have done, created, celebrated achieving your life long goal…you would do it right?

Not necessarily. You would only go through all of that because you believed you deserved for things to be different. You would have to believe that you are worth it. That you matter. That your cause matters. That your dreams matter. You would actually have to see yourself as having value in self.

Money is a great excuse. Time is another awesome one that you can look back on years down the road (if you get years) and think. Gosh, I’m so glad I spent the last 50 years living in my comfort zone of unrealized dreams and certain disappointments. I’m so glad I never took a risk and played it safe. Come to think of it, I don’t think that’s what we say at all. I think we dream of saying the exact opposite.

Like, remember the time when I had to sleep on my friends couch because I literally invested all my funds into the craziest idea…(Elon Musk, Tesla, he did this) or that time I thought my marriage was going to fall apart because we were so stressed financially, it took real courage to stick that through. Remember when we finally bought our dream home…I remember crying in your arms because I was so happy. Remember when we didn’t give up on our dreams…and look babe, we lived just about all of them.

That’s the triple chocolate cake right there. That’s what it means to build the belief up in yourself and your God-given birth right to the point that come hell or high water you’re doing this. Some may say this is stupid and irresponsible. I would say this is doing whatever it takes to live a life without regrets.

I want to leave behind a legacy. I want my words to matter and stand the test of time. I live my life with this at the fore front.

What is it that you want? If you struggle with believing anything is possible and that you can see that there are areas in your life that believing you deserve to live out your dreams feels way too scary you will want to begin my Free 4-Part Video Series on How to Claim Your Self Worth. Best place to start! As well as picking up the Gifts of Imperfection By Brené Brown.

You are worth it and can live life in the flow of your best self!

Love always,




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