Wisdom showed up and beckoned to her.

Come a little closer and I will show you a mountainous range, with sleek peaks and jagged rocks. With torturous winds and dark caves, where nothing can grow and no light can reach and there I will perch you and keep you safe.

The girl answered: “Why would you want to take me there? When I am comfortable here, bathed in light and luminosity, my every need is met, my heart longs for nothing, surely you can see that I am content?”

Wisdom asked that she come a little closer, so as to remove her from her space.

It is this that requires reckoning. This that requires forging. Content serves the weak and feeble minds, the limbs that cannot be supported, that are frail and break. Plump and unable to withstand a moment in a barren land.

Puzzled and now rather fearful the girl questions again, “why I must ask, do you want to perch me there? If you are so ill towards my content.”

And then wisdom smiles as she always does when her student gives way to their own Knowing.

For you know you carry the strength within you to persevere in this barren land.

You know the promises that have been laid before you.

You know the Light that reigns supremely in you.

You know that the moment you enter into this place that you will finally be using your gifts and not letting them go to waste.

The content you feel will be short lived and will quickly turn to boredom and resentment for inside of you a warrior remains.

And in that moment the girl feels the Knowing come alive inside of her and this shakes her to her core. She looks back knowing she cannot go back, knowing she can only go forward for even standing still will only drive her mad.

Looking ahead there does not appear to be anything, only a feeling, only a promise, but the path she must take she does not know so she lets her feet do the walking and her heart lead her as she walks towards the barrenness, towards the jagged rocks and sleek terrain.

She goes because of the awakening. She goes because of the light she can see, even when it all looks so dark, for she knows she carries it inside of her.

She knows that as she walks new ground the ground will support her. Will change beneath her. Will soften and become supple, able to reproduce and bear life beneath her. She knows that the darkness will not consume her. That her footing will only grow stronger. She knows that the winds will not sway her. That the promise of strength will not leave her and that love and light will reign supreme in her.

She knows that in order to feel content again, she must journey through places she has not been before, so she can do things she has not done before, so she can share wisdom to ears that have not listened before.

She knows there was nothing wrong with what she was doing before for how can you judge a child that has just come into the world? But with the truth that she does now know, in that she can never forget.

With wisdom beside her, fear all around her and a vision before her she begins her ascent, knowing she will never step in this space again, knowing that her time of being content is temporarily over, and with this knowing she finds a peace she has not felt before and a race in her heart that beats like a drum guiding her feet as she forges her own path.


This is what the journey towards living the life you dream of can often feel like. You know there is something more calling to you but in the beginning, that is all you feel because you have never walked this road before, all you know is that it leads you forward.

The “HOW” is irrelevant when it comes to your journey. You literally figure out the how as you go along. 

Have you been wanting to start something, forge your own path for quite some time now but have been struggling with believing that you have what it takes to make it successful. The more research I do in mindset the more I can see the connection between self-worth and living the life of your dreams. This is the beginning work, recognizing and trusting in your gifts.

If you have been touched by this message it is because it speaks to a place in your heart that has been lying dormant for too long. A place in your heart that longs to explore and be challenged. If you are struggling with self-worth and you know this is why you are not living in to your full potential you may be interested in booking in a 30 minute Discovery Call for free with me. The link is on this page. I look forward to hearing from you and rediscovering the truth that you have known and are ready to commit to.

Love always,

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