Girl…let nothing define you.
Let nothing come in between you and that passionate, fiery maven inside of you.
Let no person, man or woman, redirect you.
Let no negative banter, mind-numbing chatter stop you from claiming what is rightfully yours.

Yes, you will have to work for this. Yes, you will cut cords for this. And yes, you will be refined by this…

The refining is your prize. Not the jewels, exotic destinations, red-sole shoes or anything else that tantalizes the sensations.

It’s the refinement of your character, the polishing of your heart, the poise, the exhale of your Soul that is what you are living towards.

See, if all we wanted was a decent life without too many bumps in the road we could have it…but that’s not what we want…is it?

We aren’t afraid to get a little dirty, to test limits and to explore boundaries. We aren’t hung up on what everyone else is doing because we, in ourselves, are creating.

We are Mavens, we are connected to lineage of sisterhood and elegance and we are not bound by societal rules.

For all my soul-driven, sensual, fiery women I say we fucking dance. I say we unleash words stored in our hearts and we let those that would try to take from us know, that they can have everything but…

…they can never have the beat that joins us together as we dance. It is and has always been in our hips, in the way we bring life to this world, in the way we speak and mesmerize.

Yes, balance is always required here…yes, masculinity is always respected here…but this rhythm that is stirring in our hearts when we say, “Rise Sister Rise” awakens us fully to walk in our Light.

Gratitude for Rebecca Campbell and all the women that came before her and all that come after her.

My heart is full, my mind is brimming, my eyes are open, my mouth is ready to speak, my hands are ready to feel, my arms are ready to hold, my legs are ready to walk the journey that only I can tell…

You have this too, this passionate soul living in you. All you must do is never forget her, nurture her always and believe that what she is speaking to you is For You and will bless others because of the Love that is so present in you. Dig deeper. 

Love always,

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