In a world filled with noise, wouldn’t it be nice if we all knew the sound of our own whisper?

I like to think of it like the wind. Our voice speaks sweetly at times and caresses our senses so that we may look up and rise. And at other times, our voice echoes and booms in our ears to wake us up immediately. A warning to take heed and come alive.

I found my voice at a young age. I found it through the gift of singing and writing poetry. My heart ached and spilled in so many different directions, I would be called “over emotional” at times and I am sure in my youth, I was exasperating when I would start feeling too much and start speaking passionately about the tragedies of the world and the ridiculous rules that would try to chain me in.

I remember feeling so much.

I have notebooks filled with poems, a glass jar full of the written word on pieces of paper and you could always tell when something was burning in my heart because I would sing. My voice was powerful, untrained but I had no idea there was something more for me to explore there.

I wish I could say I never gave in to the demands of conforming but that is not true in this case. With a longing to fit in so badly, the older I got the more this spark in me started to subside. I wanted to be a part of something so badly not realizing at the time that it was my ability to be bold and fearless, to have courage, to speak out, to be different was what was really needed for me to feel that connection.

Nurture the unique beauty that resides within you. The need to conform is a false sense of security for you. As I learned, passion locked in will find it’s way out and in the process it will unravel so many things I had tried to bury but could not. Unspoken dreams, regret, past pain, and a deep, deep sense of loss.

The process of finding my voice:

I would like to say it didn’t take long but it was years in the making. I pushed it down so deep within my soul and covered it up with religion, marriage, children, and realistic, mediocre dreams that I no longer even recognized myself anymore.

The disdain I felt for myself was overwhelming. I could see nothing good about my life. It all felt like a lie and a nasty trick someone was playing on me. My voice had become so muddled inside of me, begging to be let out but in my anger, ingratitude and loss of who I truly was, I had nothing to give and in the absence of service I felt useless.

This, my beautiful soul, is why we must connect deeply with our voice. Imagine what would happen to our world if we did this? Imagine what would happen if we could hear the calling of our soul in a gentle whisper. The truth has always been. It is there, waiting for you to partake in it. You have always been there, waiting to be acknowledged, felt, empowered, given permission to rise. It comes from you.

So what did I do?

I unravelled…completely. I cut myself off from all external sources, people, religions, societal rules and I dove deeper into what felt like a void at the time but it was in this darkness that I found my light.

I stopped letting outside sources speak for me and started listening to the questions that were burning in my soul. Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why do I exist? What do I want? I started listening and reading, listening and reading.

It started with Brené (bless her and her work) and I read every book she wrote. Then Dyer, Tolle, Robbins, John Maxwell, and currently Vishen. Podcasts and TedTalks were my source of entertainment and like a person who had been walking through a desert for years I quenched my thirst for knowledge, inspiration, insight, worth, and recreated my entire mindset.

I forgave myself and I forgave others. I stopped blaming the world for not being there for me and decided to be there for the world and in this rebirth of love for humanity and the kindness and love that I see in this world I found my voice. I found it…but here is the truth of what I mean. My voice had never actually left me. I only had buried it in my attempt to fit in.

Please, stop going out side of yourself to find yourself. You are not out there. You are here, right now and your light is inside. Your joy is in your being, your peace, your love, your worth. It is not in someone else, it is not in any one thing, it is not my friends even in gems, spiritual stones, religions, books, commands…now these can all help. Yes, there is a reason why they are here because they pose the question of, “is there something more?”

You will not find your voice in these things however. Each of them brings a level of noise. Your voice is entirely your own. Like a finger print, it is your way of finding yourself where you have always been.

When I finally came to this place of love for myself and love for others I let my journey and process pour out of me. I started blogging, slowly at first and then weekly as I found I had more to share. I began to recognize I could actually do something for this world and started speaking and recording myself and sharing that on Facebook, Instagram and realized, I was not alone in this awakening.

The ripples keep going even now as I have collaborated with 22 entrepreneurial experts and provided a free online summit for 1,000’s of people who are searching, who are questioning, who are where I was and need to know it is necessary to step out and rise up. I am humbled by all of this, and must quiet the voice in my head that says, “it’s still not enough.” Regardless of titles, my message is helping others and I have decided to coach people so they too can live in this freedom and purpose.

Do what you must to figure this out. I will offer only one piece of advice and know this comes from a place of love. Don’t sit on your greatness. Regardless of whether you believe you have something to offer the world, you do. That is simple truth. Let your voice rise up inside of you and practice speaking it out loud, writing it down, singing it out. It will pour out of you once you acknowledge that it’s there. Give it a go…pen in hand, breath in lungs…who is living inside of you? I’m curious to find out. Aren’t you?

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